Filler Your Firm With The Right One-Piece Swimsuit

Many people have trouble finding the right one-piece swimsuit. Finding the perfect fit for your body can be difficult, online or in-store. DeBras One-piece Swimsuits are available with many different styles and cut options to suit any body type.

You don’t have to be an hourglass woman. Debra makes bathing suits that flatter every size and shape. We have a one piece swimwear Australia that will cover curves and create curves. This simple guide will help to find the perfect DeBras swimsuit for you.

Find A Great Bathing Suit By Body Type In A One-Piece

Before you can find the right swimsuit to fit your figure, it is important to understand what type of body you have. Below is the list of common body types. It is possible that you don’t fall within one of the above categories. However, it will help you to make the best decision when purchasing a bathing costume.

Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle-shaped person has a shorter torso with equal hip, shoulder, and hip widths. Your figure forms a straight line from your shoulders down to your hips. This body type will be more athletic and you’ll gain weight around your stomach area and midriff. For this type of body, bolder one-piece swimsuits are recommended to enhance curves and slim down the waist. Exciting print patterns, as well as color-blocked swimsuits, can give your body a defined shape. Features like fabric ruching and plunging necklines will highlight your curves.

Triangle/Pear Body Shape

A triangle- or pear-shaped body has the majority of its weight in the lower parts of its body. This body shape features wider hips, thighs, and a smaller waist. It also has a narrower shoulder and waist area. These swimsuits will highlight your upper body and shoulders. Wider straps and halter tops draw attention to your shoulders. Molded cups will fill out your stomach to balance your lower back.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An inverted triangular figure has a wider upper body. This body shape means that the shoulders, bust, and hips are more prominent than your waist and hips. You can look quite out of proportion if your one-piece swimsuit isn’t fitting properly. Inverted triangle bodies should be highlighted. Wear a bathing costume with a print design. This will help balance out your silhouette. Avoid strapless swimsuits which draw more attention toward the neckline or bust.

Round/ Apple Body Shape

A round or apple figure has a bigger chest and upper physique with a small waist. If this sounds right for you, you’ll need a one-piece swimsuit that draws attention toward your lower body. Ruching around the waist and layering around it can help you define your chest, and hip area and give you a more balanced appearance. Molded cups with underwire or thicker straps will support and shape your figure.

Hourglass Body Shape

The most desirable figure is the hourglass. This includes a larger chest and waist, and hips equally wide as the shoulders. These swimsuits work wonders for those with this figure. One-piece suits are ideal for highlighting the best parts of your body. Avoid bold patterns and strapless styles as these can alter your body’s natural proportions.

One-Piece Swimsuit Shopping By Problem

You are in luck if you want a swimsuit that will highlight or conceal a specific area of your body. When shopping for one-piece swimsuits, some quick-fit solutions can help.

Bust Minimization / Accentuating

Finding the right size swimsuit can be difficult, regardless of whether your chest is smaller or larger. You can enhance your bust by wearing a one-piece swimsuit. If you go the opposite way, you can reduce your bust size by wearing a one-piece swimsuit with molded cups and an underwire bra.

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