Flat On Rent in Pondicherry and Koramangala: Mistakes to Ignore While Renting a Flat For The First Time

Many people think renting apartments feels like a breeze. Unfortunately, it is not. Although moving to the flat on rent in Pondicherry appears like a straightforward task, both landlord and tenants should undergo several phases before renting the flat. 

Plus, the first-time renters overlook various significant aspects and do not become aware of several things. So, if you are one of such first-time tenants, you can check out our blog to learn about the mistakes you should ignore while renting. 

Common errors to avoid while renting an apartment for the first time in Koramangala

After relocating to Koramangala, the first thing you should start looking for is the rental flats in Koramangala. Since the city is a hub of opportunities and helps people implement their dreams, many young individuals shift there every year. Therefore, finding a suitable rental apartment within your budget becomes difficult here. In that scenario, many first-time renters opt for hiring brokers to ease the entire leasing procedure. 

But, due to their lack of experience in the renting system, the first-time tenants overlook the brokers’ high profit. Sometimes, in the cities like Koramangala, the brokers’ commission amount gets equivalent to the monthly rent amount of the flats. 

Therefore, you can opt for renting websites to save your hard-earned money while moving into rental flats in Koramangala.

Pondicherry is a city that features beauty and opportunities concurrently. Therefore, many people with their families relocate here to pursue their higher studies or career. But, the problem arises when the first-time renters skip reading the rental agreement in a rush and sign the contract before shifting to the flat on rent in Pondicherry

Since the paper will include the dos and don’ts you have to follow throughout your occupancy, ignorantly signing the contract can welcome hassle in the future. 

Below, we have penned down some common mistakes the first-time tenants should avoid. 

  1. Solely depending on the landlord’s information about the property

When you first visit rental flats in Koramangala, the landlord usually offers you companionship. The person tours you around the property and shows you the building with all the features and conveniences you will get to have. 

As a landlord, the individual always tries to show you the best picture of the building. But, most of the rental flats in Koramangala feature some disputes and inconvenience. And, you might not get that information from the landlord. 

Therefore, asking the neighbours and previous tenants about the property is the best way to know the upsides and downsides of the rental flat. 

2. The broker’s assistance can welcome hidden costs

First-time renters always look for the brokers who will find them a perfect flat on rent in Pondicherry, connect them with the landlords and even help the inexperienced tenants for negotiating the price. Therefore, the renters can cut down their worries about their first-time renting a house when they receive the guidance and assistance of the brokers. 

While the idea sounds alluring, there is something hidden behind the curtain. Although the decision of hiring a broker can reduce your headache regarding house-hunting and renting a flat in a new city, their commission can be too expensive for your budget. 

Also, many brokers tend to seek expensive apartments as their commission increases according to the rent of the house. In other words, the chances of overspending and exceeding the budget increase, if you seek assistance from brokers. 

Therefore, consider contacting the real estate advertising platform for receiving the same service at a minimal price. Such platforms do not try to hide anything from you and recommend a perfect flat for rent in Pondicherry, according to your requirements. 

3. Getting lured by unnecessary amenities

In various cities, elite complexes or societies feature an extended range of high-class facilities, like- a tennis court, gym, sauna, swimming pool, basketball playground, and parlor. They are indeed some great addition to rental flats in Koramangala

But, how often will you utilize those facilities? If you have to go out every day for work, you come home at the end of the day exhausted and fatigued. At that moment, you only want to utilize your bedroom and not the swimming pool, sauna or other amenities. 

But, those comforts can increase the price of the rental flats in Koramangala. So, it makes no sense to pay for luxuries that are unnecessary for you. Instead, find an apartment with less luxurious amenities. 

4. Overlooking the damages of the property

First-time renters always tend to move in without inspecting the property carefully. Therefore, they even overlook the damages of the building before shifting there. But, if you do not report these impairments, the landlord can hold you responsible for the damages. 

5. Casually signing the rental contract without reading it

Since first-time renters always feel the rush to move in the flat on rent in Pondicherry, they even skip reading the rental agreement before signing it. That is a massive blunder one can do, and such a phenomenon can welcome the worst consequences. 

Since the rental contract states all the do’s and don’ts of the renters’ occupancy, a tenant should read the agreement repeatedly to avoid any disputes. For instance, the rental agreement even mentions the pet and guest policy, rental increments and so on. So, never skip reading such vital information, even if you get encouraged to do so. 

End thought 

As a first-time renter, it is okay to make some mistakes. However, your occupancy in the flat on rent in Pondicherry can be a pleasant experience if you avoid these mistakes.


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