Modern marvels of AI that you should know about

The very purpose of AI is to eradicate human errors from daily processes by outsourcing. And increasing the value of human labor by removing the prospects of fatigue-inducing employment. Ai is expected to set the human mind free so that it can dive into the ocean of imagination. Innovation is something that determines the prospects of progress and growth for humanity. Despite being a silent companion that is poised to render humanity into something lazier and gadget dependent. automation, due to its many blessings, the applications of artificial intelligence in day-to-day tasks in both the public and private sectors are rising drastically. But those incorporations are not as magnificent as the ones we will be discussing in this article. This article will concentrate on the marvelous achievements of AI that changed or significantly affected humanity at its time of inception. The goal of the discussion is to enlighten you regarding the finest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. And inspire an enthusiast for undertaking a venture into the professional world. 

Automated cars 

Automated cars are expected to be the next evolution of human transportation. An automated car can allow a passenger to enjoy a relaxing and carefree journey, every bit of which can be utilized for the betterment of personal affairs. An automated car also saves the frustrations of undermanaged and restless traffic scenarios. But the question of trust still exists. Any mishandling of an actual vehicle can lead to losses of life and damage to property. Today’s Ai powered automated cars can learn in an unsupervised method from human inputs. And requires a lot of data for the eradication of errors from human inputs. After training, an automated car can take a passenger to any destination that is accessible by a road and appears on a map. Road accidents and traffic rule violations are bound to go down if such vehicles are dispatched on the streets. Among many other applications of artificial intelligence, automated cars are perhaps the most practical and potent to extract maximum value. 

Automated kitchen

Preparation of food on a daily or weekly basis consumes a lot of time. And for the ones who can not afford to lose any of the time they get for themselves must look forward to this brilliant innovative approach. Moley is the name of the world’s first automated kitchen. The kitchen is programmed to cook any and every dish that is presented to it following the right protocols. Thanks to Moley, people that can afford Moley can enjoy world-class food by the press of a few buttons, and that too for a minuscule price, at the comfort of home. Moley is expected to change the food industry and experience of food at home completely, towards a better future, 

Automated traffic management 

Computer vision if deployed with powerful cameras can detect anything visual from more than a mile away. The traffic sectors of the world are utilizing this blessing with remarkable finesse. Computer vision coupled with cutting-edge motion sensors and NLP is achieving miracles. Rouge vehicles are being prosecuted from miles away and within a very short span of time are been brought to justice. Thanks to this remarkable achievement, the streets are safer than ever and traffic management is more human resource-friendly and inexpensive. 

Applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare

  • In the healthcare sector, the implementation of AI is helping [patients to live a carefree and relaxing life. For at-risk patients, concerned healthcare units can provide the feature of remote diagnosis. Smart bands with diagnosis capabilities are being used for achieving this remarkable feat. A remote smart diagnostic band can sense any irregularities in the vitals of a patient and warn the patient and the concerned health facility at the same time. Due to this achievement, doctors can get access to their patient’s conditions remotely and prescribe or warn the patient regarding their condition.
  • In addition to that, histological and metabolic diagnoses are also being automated with ease. Due to the massive amount of healthcare data we have in stores, it is significantly easy to develop AI entities, able to take up metabolic and histological studies. And with progress in the allied discipline of medical photography, the development of these AI tools is easier than ever. And more accuracy can be expected from them without the risk of accumulating human errors.

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