Football Has Become A TV Show That Makes Big Money


Television has done its job. Now sport is a business, each broadcast is full of commercial breaks, moreover, streamers with the names of one or another large organization sponsoring the teams also flash on the field.

Over time, football has become a grand show that earns decent money. Not only compatriots are now rooting for the teams, the whole world is watching the battles of Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern, Barcelona and other famous teams from Korean, Germany, England. Promotional tours of champions, legendary football players in the USA, China or Japan are always accompanied by mass excitement. It’s no joke, the final of the World Cup, which took place in Russia last year, was watched by more than a billion viewers.

Earnings come not only from television 무료스포츠중계 and sales of rights to them. Teams receive incredible fees from ticket sales, T-shirts of leading athletes, souvenirs, and symbols. The prize money of major tournaments is also rather big. All this allows club owners to spend fabulous amounts on top-level players.

Football also adapts to the requirements of TV people. For example, from time to time rules are introduced into the regulations to help make matches look more spectacular. Now, when passing with the foot to the goalkeeper, the ball cannot be picked up. If earlier the ball that had flown into the stands had to wait, now there are spare ones that can be used at such moments.

Where is it better: at home or at the stadium?

How the culture of sickness has changed thanks to television

Fans under the influence of television have become more cultured. Of course, zealous fans can now be found on the streets after matches. However, the security system in the stands themselves does its job well. Earlier, when the USSR was in the USSR, men could afford to skip a couple of glasses of alcohol for the game of their favorite team. Today, such lovers of drinking and even more so of debauchery, simply will not be allowed into the arena. The fan has become younger, more diverse: the presence of women with small children in the stands is far from uncommon.

Thanks to modern technologies, it has become more difficult to sue: the coach has the right to ask for a video replay, the audience on the screens will also see falsehood. The principle of checking disputed points, created not so long ago, was generated precisely by countless judicial blunders.

More than just a sport

Television has done everything to make football for the fans not just a sport, but something more. And the point here is not at all in business and a tool for making money. The super-popular and grandiose show, which is expected at the screens not by hundreds, but by millions of viewers, is becoming a real sports festival. Among the fans have long been listed not only men and children, but also women. Those who are eager to see real confrontations are waiting for the broadcasts of major competitions – the Champions League, the European and World Championships, the Olympic Games. Although the latter in the world of football actually mean nothing and fade in spectacle and scale in comparison with the World Cup, which also takes place every four years.

Of course, sports TV programs also contribute to the success and popularity of football, in which they show the opinions of experts, analytics, interview eminent players, and invite fans for interviews. With the spread of social networks, legendary athletes have become much closer to the people – this is captivating.

Nothing like this existed in Soviet times. As for television, the Football Review program was broadcast on Channel One right up to the beginning of the 2000s. She enjoyed popularity, but lacked everything that is in abundance today.

Fans today have something to do during the breaks between the world or European championships – watch qualifying matches, matches within the national championships (not only Russia), the Champions League, which are broadcast almost daily.

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