Use QR Codes and Payment Links to Set Up Touch-Free Checkout

QR codes


The concept of QR codes has been present for quite some time, but has been adequately discovered only recently. It has made payment not only easier but also safer and touch-free. Whether it’s paying the bill while you’re at a restaurant, going shopping in a mall, or paying for groceries, using a QR code or payment link is always more convenient than cash or a card. 

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that people realized how valuable and convenient this mode of payment had become. Even the most prominent retail food and beverage brands have made these touchless payment methods available to the masses to avoid any problems related to the payments.

Benefits of Touch Free Checkout 

Touch-Free Checkout has a lot of advantages that can be used. These benefits are why payment throughout the pandemic was conducted so flawlessly. People who would stick to traditional payment methods would also switch to Payment Links and QR codes solely because of their ease of use. Some of these benefits are:

  • Now your purchase process has become flexible. Whether you pay a fixed MRP for an item or a custom price determined later., any payment type is possible. Your QR code payment becomes flexible for multiple items or a single amount. It also has options for pay-later shopping.
  • It helps promote safety and provides contactless payment. You can now have complete peace of mind regarding your safety because you no longer have to exchange money and risk spreading or contracting any infection. 
  • You will no longer have to put in long and complicated card pins. So, even online payment becomes even easier without installing any other additional payment apps.
  • You get endless payment options. From GPay to PayPal to Apple Pay, the list goes on and on. So, even if you do not have one kind of app installed, you will know that payment gateway in this mode is still an option.

Payment by QR Code 

A QR code will display on your POS screen when you choose to pay with a QR code. They scan the code on their phone, touch-free, to launch a payment screen on their phone where they can complete their purchase. They can tip on their smartphones to not touch your POS system.

The apps that provide these options require you to ring up items or enter prices as you normally would. You can also enable the tipping feature through your settings. The customer will be given the option to pay with a QR code or a link when they are ready to proceed with the payment process.

The following are the steps to follow if you want to pay with a QR code:

  1. On your POS screen, you will see a unique QR code.
  2. A payment screen appears after the customer scans the code with their phone.
  3. With Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Square Pay, your customers can pay and tip on their phones.

Payment Using Payment Links 

Your customer will receive a simple link on their phone containing a payment link that they can use to pay, whether they are in your store or on the go. Customers can apply for the service by texting or emailing us. The payment links with QR codes don’t charge a monthly fee.

The following is what happens when you select Send Payment Link:

  1. A unique URL link is created that customers can use for their payments. 
  2. If your customers prefer, you can send the link via email or text message to their phones.
  3. A simple payment screen opens when your customer clicks the link.
  4. If you have a customer who pays with their credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Square Pay on their phone, you can receive and accept a tip.

Now You Can Tip Through Payment Links Too. 

Using a payment link, you can easily allow for tips for your customers when accepting payments. Here is how to activate tipping:

  1. You can find the tipping settings under the Settings section in the POS menu.
  2. To collect tips, turn on the tip collecting option.

You will now customize tip settings for your customers so that they will see 5%, 10%, and 15% automatically displayed on their payment links.

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