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Do you want to make some changes to your pdf files but are confused about how to edit your pdf? And you have to send 30 images of your project work to your teacher but don’t know how to send them together in one file? So, don’t take stress, after reading this article, your all doubts will be clear and you will become a master in pdf format by just using some free pdf converter.

So, first, we need to know why people prefer pdf format over other formats and why it is so important for them to have a pdf converter. 

Reason why we want to convert our documents into pdf format – 

There are some important reason which explains why we need to convert our file in pdf format, these reasons are-

  • Pdf files are user-friendly and handy 
  • We can easily use, open, and send them to others
  • You can easily download them in your system by just clicking on the right-side button and then choosing the download option, the download will automatically start and your file will be saved forever until you want to delete it. 
  • Usually, downloaded pdf files are in kb size, so they won’t occupy much space.
  • The format of pdf is exceptionally good 
  • They are more secure as you can protect them by setting a password on them. 
  • Pdf files can keep their formatting whereas other documents files such as docs and docx can’t keep their formatting.

Best app for free pdf converter

1. ILovePDF 

It is the best free pdf converter tool for editing, converting pdf into other different formats, adding images, merging different pdf files, splitting pdf files, and compressing your files. It can convert PDF files to word, excel, PowerPoint, JPG and word, excel, PowerPoint, JPG, HTML to PDF files. 

It enables you to sign your important offer letter and non-disclosure agreements in seconds! You can rotate your pdf, secure, organize them and add page numbers at the end according to your convenience.

Moreover, you can also convert your PDF to PDF/A, which is the iso-standardization form of pdf files. It helps you to effectively use the ILovepdf app on both android and desktop.


  • Easy to use 
  • The watermark part is excellent 
  • You can convert your pdf format to many other formats
  • Charge no money 
  • WordPress plugin 
  • Developer API
  • limited processing 
  • It won’t show any AD in between your work 
  • Signing a document is a little bit difficult, so choose free pdf converter.
  • Without paying cash, you can complete the converting process easily.

2. PDF Converter Ultimate 

It also provides all the editing and conversion, it converts PDF files to words, excel, JPG, PowerPoint, CAD, .txt, and RTF format.

It does have an OCR feature which stands for optical character recognition, it will enable you to distinguish individual letters or words whenever you will click a photo or scan your files, which will edit your documents directly on the PDF converter app. It won’t consume your RAM and processing space. 


  • 7-in-1 free pdf convertor 
  • Six layouts options 
  • The first app to convert standardized pdf files to many documents 
  • It can run on various Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP 

3.PDF fillers 

It works as both creator and converter. you can easily create documents in pdf fillers with editor options and then download them as pdf files. It will work for both desktops and android. it can convert your pdf files to 

In pdf filler, you will get 10 million templates to create a unique pdf format, especially for business and office-related work. 

If you worked for companies, you know how difficult it is to edit those offer letters, as most of the pdf format won’t have these additional features but pdf fillers are unique among others and provide edit options for adding your name, address, phone number, and signatures. 

Strengths –

  • It provides a longer duration free trial for editing 
  • So many additional features 
  • You can easily share and store your pdf files 

Steps for Conversion of PDF files to other formats 

It’s simple to use a pdf format and if you need to use documents related to your business work, it is best to use pdf formats, as if someone tries to make changes in your work, it will be easier for you to identify if as whenever someone will make changes in your pdf files, it will leave digital records. 

  • Pdf to word – open any below app for conversion, select your pdf file and then click on the right-side button and different options will appear, choose PDF to word and your documents will be converted. name your word file and save that file on your desktop.
  • Pdf to excel – excel sheet contains a lot of financial data, so it is a little bit difficult for conversation, but with ILovePDF, you can do your work easily, follow the same steps as above, choose pdf file, you want to change, and then select excel option for conversion. Then download normally and save for the future.
  • Pdf to jpg – first upload your pdf file from your download files or device on the ILovePDF app, then select the JPG option and your entire documents will be converted into JPG format, then for downloading the file, you will get 2 options first to export the file into Google drive or to save it on the computer device

Is a free pdf converter safe? 

Its answer depends on for what purpose you are making pdf files. If you are making pdf files for office work then you need a secured format. For simple college work, you can use any format as it doesn’t matter. But some online converters can damage or corrupt your file while you are converting them to other formats. So, it’s better to use any of the above-mentioned sites for converting your pdf files.

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