Choosing the right outfit for all the drips

Outfits that are perfect for driving in the rain or playing in puddles can become drenched with droplets from wet trees, flying sprinklers, or even your own soggy dog. Drip spots happen to the best of us, but as long as you know how to deal with them quickly and easily, your clothes will look great and you’ll feel confident no matter what comes your way! This article will help you find the drippy outfit of your dreams – one that will make you the envy of everyone you meet!

What are you most concerned about?

Wear a drippy material? Your concerns about liquid on you may be running a little higher than your friend with a less-frivolous fabric. Here are some considerations to help you keep from being one of those annoying people with drippy outfits at every event The first question that comes up when talking about what to wear in order not to create puddles around you is, do I have any option but polyester? If so, what type of polyester am I looking at and does it say anything about how likely it is to drip everywhere I go? This calls for checking out manufacturers’ websites or asking their PR department directly. The answer could save you an embarrassing stain (or several) later on.

What type of fabric will it be made out of?

First and foremost, remember that you’ll be sweating in your suit. Wear a fabric that breathes well to avoid feeling too hot, or you’ll end up looking like a drowned rat by halftime. Go with natural fibers (cotton and linen) when possible—anything synthetic can make you look shiny (and feel tacky). A good middle ground is wool, as it retains its moisture but also feels natural next to your skin.

What kind of liquid will your outfit hold?

No matter how cute you think your outfit is, if it can’t handle a little bit of water then it will likely be useless on a rainy day. There are many different fabrics that are good choices depending on what kind of liquid your clothing will have to endure. Cotton, silk and wool will become saturated quickly, but their fibers give them great durability so they’ll hang in there until you can get them home to dry out. If you’re worried about getting even more wet than necessary, try wearing synthetic materials like polyester. They don’t absorb as much moisture but may end up being uncomfortable when soaking wet, because of lack of breathability.

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Where are you going?

If you’re going to be outdoors—especially during a storm—you need to be prepared. Avoid light-colored clothing, and make sure your clothes are either washable or easy to clean. While rain gear is ideal, it’s not always feasible—and sometimes it just doesn’t fit with what you want to wear that day. That said, wearing dark colors will help hide any potential accidents from passersby before they happen.

How much time do you have?

Depending on where you work, you may or may not be able to get away with wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day. If your office is pretty formal, it’s important to choose an outfit that doesn’t look sloppy but still feels comfortable. Try throwing on an overcoat or blazer over a dress shirt and slacks. It will look just as professional as a suit without feeling like your boss forced you into a sweaty straitjacket. Read more on Ouji Fashion

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