Massage therapy and the therapeutic capacity of massages

Surely at some point in your life you have been able to see for yourself the benefits of a massage. Instinctively our body reacts with relief and relaxation to the stimulation of our muscles. This is why massage therapy is one of the most widespread techniques to achieve different benefits, a technique that moves almost between art and science that we propose to unravel for you.

Against muscle pain, fatigue, joint discomfort … Massage therapy uses different massage techniques to treat multiple injuries and illnesses. The world of massages is even broader both in properties and in history. There is evidence that different ancient civilizations already used these techniques, from China and Korea, through Egypt, Rome , Greece or Mesopotamia.

Precisely some of the first references to massages take us to China.

 In this culture, these techniques were a fundamental part of their traditional medicine. Emperors and authorities had personal masseurs who attended to their ailments. Egypt or India also noticed the potential of 동탄 출장마사지.

The Greeks were the first to record these techniques explicitly. It is believed that they were regular users of these massages thinking of improving their physical and sports performance. And what about the Romans , also aware of the potential of thermal water, therapies that were combined with massages.

With the arrival of the Middle Ages and the spread of Christianity

 and its severe moral standards, massages lost popularity, until the arrival of the Renaissance . With the new times and new canons of beauty, body and skin care returned prominence to these techniques.

Already in the 20th and 21st centuries, manual techniques began to find support in medical technology, in addition to evolving in their own nature.

In short, massages  have served as therapy since time immemorial and continue to be the most recommended treatment in many cases.What is massage therapy?

But what is massage therapy and who can be a massage therapist? In a very synthesized way, it can be defined as the use of massages to treat, cure or improve different pathologies . In practice, this translates into a multitude of techniques -in constant evolution- in different parts of the body to decontract, relax, improve circulation… The main difference between a massage and massage therapy is that the former is applied at a more superficial level and its The goal does not have to be therapeutic. Massage therapy is included as a specialty of Physiotherapy. In the case of having a therapeutic purpose, it must be carried out by a physiotherapist. If it is a relaxation or sports massage (without previous injury) it can be done by a chiromassage specialist.

Types of massages

Depending on its function, a detailed classification of the type of massage can be established.

On the one hand we have circulatory massages , those that work to activate blood flow and eliminate toxins, a type that is complemented by decontracting massages . This second type focuses on a contracted muscle or group of muscles. Through its manipulation it is possible to relax and eliminate discomfort.

Athletes  also benefit from the properties of massages . For them there are specific techniques that are applied to the muscle groups involved in each sporting activity. In this way, the state and physical performance will reach better levels

Our appearance and our nervous system also take advantage of massages. There are aesthetic massages  in which circulatory and modeling techniques are combined that act on certain parts of the body. Normally this type of massage seeks to reduce volume and tone.

The last of the great groups of massages are the relaxing ones . As its name suggests, this type of massage promotes muscle relaxation and contributes to the balance between body and mind.

But this is only a general classification. Massages offer a wide range of possibilities. They can be accompanied by chocolate wraps , algae, hot stones, bamboo canes or aromatherapy , all designed to complete an extraordinary experience.

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