5 Various Full Body Massage for Addressing Different Needs

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We can’t say that massage therapy is a recent and remarkable discovery of science. The fact is science is only backing up its benefits in the modern era. According to history, massage therapy was originally practiced in 3000 BC. The name of the first massage therapy introduced in India was Ayurveda. This technique of massage therapy spread all over the world and is now in practice in alternate forms. Massage relaxes the entire body, whether you have an injury or simply stress. It improves the body’s metabolism, enhances joint mobility, and promotes general well-being.

If we look up to the term Full Body Massage, we think a lot about what we are going to have. Because everyone wants to cater to a different need by using massage therapy. All salons and spas offer various kinds of massage therapies from which you can use. If you are feeling difficulty in the selection, you can seek help from the team of a salon or spa. But if you are not comfortable with it, let us make things easy for you.

Various Kinds Of Full Body Massage:

This is a little informative guide for you to go for the best one for you.

1. Swedish Or Classic Massage Therapy:

You can experience this massage everywhere around the globe. This massage differs from others in its techniques and strokes. This massage is consisting of the following exceptional and effective techniques:

  • Induce vibration in the body.
  • Use a long kneading technique towards the heart.
  • Tap rhythmically on the body.
  • Slide through the body with firm movements.

The specific reason for which this massage is designed is to release pain. Especially, the lower back pain which people experience more often. You will feel a significant decrease in muscle stiffness because of it. Furthermore, a true source of treating osteoarthritis in individuals. The typical duration of this massage therapy is 30-90 minutes.

2. Deep Tissue Massage Technique:

As the name suggests this Massage for Full Body involves greater pressure. Because it has to address the deeper tissues present under the skin. However, therapists use slow movements and create pressure with the help of fingers. You can call it a great source of relaxation for muscles and connective tissues.

This massage therapy is famous for treating chronic and extreme pains. It is the right source of fixing imbalances in the body. Therefore, it can effectively lower the impact of stress and anxiety. The ideal time limit for this massage therapy is 60-90 minutes. If you are in a desire of firm pressure then go for this massage therapy.

3. Trigger Point Massage Technique:

This kind of therapy is designed to focus on specific areas of the body. That area is most of the time the one in which you feel more pain. The massage therapist applies sliding on those areas with different methods. Furthermore, an individual should inform himself about trigger points to a therapist. This therapy is also connected with an MRI scan to find a precise area of pain. Because the neuromuscular junction is directly affected. Sometimes its duration can be lower than 10 minutes.

4. Hot Stone Massage Therapy:

As the name suggests this therapy is different in terms of the use of stone. Therapists heat stone and apply it to your body with normal pressure. The stone will induce a sense of relaxation in your whole body. You will want that this feeling doesn’t go away ever. This kind of Massage For Full Body incorporates the technique of classic massage. Therapists also use a stone to apply gentle strokes or firm pressure.

This therapy improves blood regulation in the human body. Moreover, a very effective technique in controlling stress and anxiety. This massage therapy is usually preferred by people because of getting time to unwind. The typical duration can be from 45-60 minutes. You can have this massage in full clothing or by covering the body with a sheet.

5. Thai Massage Technique:

This is different from all others because it is an energy-giving one. The major focus of this technique is on making people relax and giving them unwind. This massage is very effective in activating the body. The ideal clothing for this massage is a loose one because of stretching and twists. Furthermore, it has a great positive impact on the flexibility of the body. This massage also consists of multiple yoga techniques and body energy levels. It is a proven source of open-mindedness and reduces thinking complexities.


Whichever massage technique you choose, it will benefit you differently. As a result, you must first determine your needs and then select the appropriate remedy. All reliable spas like Meridian Spa are in your service to address your inconveniences. All you have to do now is to choose massage therapy and enjoy the results.

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