Gas Vs Electric Heating Systems; What’s More Suitable For Commercial Areas?

For a commercial business owner, the best available utility installation is very important. You need to be wary of so many important factors; costs, efficiency, the durability. The biggest and most confusing current debate is whether you, a commercial business owner, need to choose between a gas or electric heating system for your commercial area.

Choosing the right one is a very difficult decision and obviously depends on several things such as the area of your commercial area, several employees and clients, the structure of the area and the average expected usage of hot water. However, you can still draw a comparison to compare which one sounds more suitable for you.

Price Wise.

The first and most important thing for a business owner is the cost of any product or service. It is an investment that you are putting into your business and hence, requires proper research regarding the cost.

If you compare the prices while buying a system, it is fair to say that an electric heating system wins. An average electric heating system for domestic use costs about $1,000 to $2,500 while a gas heating system costs about $4,500 to $8,500. At 1st Choice Hot Water, commercial gas hot water systems are available in a good price range that might be in your favour.

However, this is just the first expense.

Energy Consumption Wise.

Now, let us discuss the expense of the water heating systems. It is difficult to compare the energy consumption since gas and electricity both have different units, however, if we convert therms and kilowatts into British Thermal Unit or BTU, we can draw a fair comparison.

Electric heating per a million BTU is calculated to cost $34.5 while gas heating per a million BTU is calculated to cost $10-$15.

In other words, electricity units cost twice or thrice as much as gas units when it comes to consumption. Hence, an electric heating system might be cheap when buying but it will be expensive in the long run.

Hence, the gas heating system wins when it comes to energy consumption costs.


Installation costs and methods entirely depend on the company you hire. You can hire a cheaper or a more expensive company and choose your services depending on what is more suitable for you. However, gas heating system installation costs way more than electric installation.


Maintenance of your system is something you have to be considerate of. Traditional and domestic gas heating systems require annual maintenance check-ups but we advise that you get it checked more frequently when it comes to commercial areas. Since gas heating systems use pipelines, it is highly possible for there to be leakage or rusting. You also need to make sure no harmful gases are being released.

Electric heating systems on the other hand do not involve pipelines and directly heat systems. Therefore, electric heating systems require much less maintenance.

Environmental friendly.

It is no secret that gas heating systems use up a good amount of energy. This is where electric heating systems win as they are a lesser threat to global warming than gas heating systems.

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