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Many of us leave our motherland for different purposes. Maybe for the betterment of our careers. Or, to let our dreams come true. And a large part of this chooses Abu Dhabi in the UAE as the destination. The huge amount of opportunities, best lifestyle makes it the country of dreams. But it’s not always possible to buy properties in cities like Abu Dhabi. The best way to solve this problem is to get a property to rent in Abu Dhabi.

About the properties and rentals

If you are interested in moving into Abu Dhabi and getting a property to rent in Abu Dhabi, you must know every single detail about the properties. And this article will help you to be aware of the types, price, size and other things about the property to rent in Abu Dhabi.

You can buy or rent any type of property for multiple purposes. You can buy or rent for living or commercial use. You will get bungalows, apartments, workplaces etc. But taking the properties at rent is more preferred than buying them. As it will be pocket-friendly as well as give you the option to change it easily if your opinion about the property changes over time. Not just that you’ll be saved from the complications of house-loan etc. Moreover, you will be able to save the broker charges and you may get some mind-blowing offer of one month free. So, now it’s clear why you should choose to rent a property over buying it. Now, let’s know about the details of the property to rent in Abu Dhabi.

Properties to rent in Abu Dhabi are from the most popular places of the city like Al Khalidiya, Khalifa city etc. You will get the facilities of common gyms, pools, playgrounds, parking lots with the properties to rent in Abu Dhabi. You’ll also get central AC, built-in wardrobes, a modular kitchen and everything else you need. Not only apartments, but you can also opt for houses or bungalows among the properties to rent in Abu Dhabi. Furnished rooms, balconies with awesome views, ceramic flooring and other luxurious facilities will be in your fist in every range according to your budget.

You will get one, two or three BHK apartments, as you wish. The size comes in the range of 800 to 2500 square feet generally. If you choose to get the studios or office spaces, those are also easily available here. 500 square feet studios to 1000 square feet office places, you will get whatever you want. Villas of different dimensions generally come under 3000 to 5000 square feet. 

Why Abu Dhabi

There is not just one, two or three reasons to move into Abu Dhabi. You have plenty of reasons to get a property in Abu Dhabi. And those are discussed below. 

Luxurious life: If you want to witness what a luxurious life on earth really looks like, you must experience the lifestyle of Abu Dhabi. The beauty of the city, nightlife and well-maintained culture of the city will leave you spellbound. So if you want to witness the beauty, you should get a property to rent in Abu Dhabi

Professional life: Abu Dhabi comes in the small list of the cities which will give you the best opportunities to enrich your career. You will get to work for the biggest companies from around the world with the best salary hikes. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any taxes for what you earn. 

Less expensive: Though Abu Dhabi is luxurious and known for its rich lifestyle, it’s less expensive compared to other developed cities of the UAE as well as the world. You don’t need to spend much on food, transport and other basic needs if you choose a property to rent in Abu Dhabi.

Basic facilities: You will get the best health services, education system. The health care services, education and other things are cheap and one of the best in the world with the best infrastructures. 

Climate and scenic beauty: Once you get a property to rent in Abu Dhabi and shift here, you’ll find that there is nothing like this. From great weather to the relaxing beaches Abu Dhabi will never disappoint you. To visit the best places in Abu Dhabi you may opt for the Ferrari tour, Warner bros studio tour, Al Ain zoo, Yas marina circuit race track and many more things. 

Few drawbacks of Abu Dhabi

There are a few cons of getting a property to rent in Abu Dhabi as well. Like you will have to face a lot of traffic jams, that’ll cost you precious time. High rents of some properties can also get you in trouble as well. The official paperwork of getting a property to rent in Abu Dhabi is also a little bit complicated. But these are negligible in comparison to what you’ll get in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi is a place that will never disappoint you and give your life a new dimension. You will get to explore new sides of your life and enjoy it. So shifting to Abu Dhabi is a great option and for that getting a property to rent in Abu Dhabi is the best option.

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