The Reasons Why Everyone Loves Shared Office Spaces

A variety of work environments exist out there with pros and cons to each one; however, time and research show shared office spaces provide a unique combination of pros from multiple work environments, from the traditional office to the work from home set up.

What Are Shared Office Spaces?

Shared office space consists of people from different companies, even different careers, literally working in the same office. These individuals share office resources like break rooms, equipment, and other amenities associated with the building.

Companies or individuals using shared office spaces don’t own the office. Instead, they rent from shared office space companies such as Astra Business Centre. Rent can be paid monthly without the need for a lease.

What Benefits Come From Shared Office Space?

Renting and working in a shared office space provides numerous benefits.

Lower Costs

It’s cheaper to rent shared office space than to buy a building or an office suite. Plus, the offices come fully furnished. No need to spend all the effort and funds on desks and chairs. Just rent and get right down to business.

Along the same lines, there’s the relief of not having to worry if something in the building goes wrong. Plumbing, electrical, and other problems that are a possibility with any building are handled by the company you’re renting the space from. This saves you time, stress, and money, making it easier for you to get work done.


Another perk is the amenities. Many of these shared office spaces have boardrooms, gyms, high speed internet, printers, scanners, and kitchen areas. Astra Business Centre even provides free reception and mailing services.

Structure and Freedom

Working in a traditional office and from home has its pros, but it also has cons. Traditional office setups can feel restricting and mundane. Working from home increases distractions and loneliness. A Harvard Business Review article states that by using a shared office space individuals get the freedom of 24-hour building access to work when suits them, to set up their space how they want, and to better choose how much interaction with others they want. They also benefit from being in a space conducive to working, experiencing fewer distractions, and getting enough socialization to fight isolation 


Networking is key to a successful business. By using shared office space, you basically bring networking to the office. Working in a space with other businesses, freelancers, and more makes it easy to meet people from various careers and backgrounds, and that means a better chance of meeting others whose work and yours can benefit each other. It also helps spark creativity and innovation.

Is A Shared Office Space For You?

Almost all businesses can benefit from shared office space, but here are some that tend to get the most out of it.

·  Freelancers

·  Entrepreneurs

·  Remote Work Teams

·  Small Businesses

·  Start Ups

·  Satellite Teams

Shared office space provides workplace structure while supporting freedom for creative growth and work-life balance. It brings the best of different work environments into one setting. Who doesn’t want that?

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