Guide on Selecting the Appropriate Color for Your Garage Door

Appropriate Color for Your Garage Door

It is a big question in all areas of garage door design: what is the best color? Even though it is a subjective question, there are always many things to consider to help you select the best garage door color. Your garage door can speak for your home. People see a house, and the first thing they see is the garage door. 

Have you ever seen a beautiful garage door, or on the opposite side- a terrible and poor-looking garage door? Perhaps you have seen a matte gray garage door on a new, contemporary home or a captivating wooden automatic garage door on a vintage-looking home. You have probably seen the flip side; a rustic steel garage door on a new house or a dark purple roller door on a white house. Even though it finally comes down to one’s preference, there are some dos and don’ts. 

First things first: Let us talk about the basics. 

It is always good to learn and understand the basics of colors. These are the categories you must consider: 

  • Preferences: what your choice and like, what matches your family and their interests 
  • Logic: what naturally will look pleasing with the color of your house.
  • Science: what people will glimpse subconsciously.

When selecting the appropriate color, do not just depend on one option. Take as many considerations as you can, so it will help guide you toward making great decisions. Family Christian Doors helps with color and also offers garage door repair Corinth. We help you visualize your garage door with your chosen color. 

Stay true to the look of your home. 

Your house has a personality. You can define it with its current design and appearance. 

  • Is it a contemporary, minimalistic house? Well, a steel roller door will not stylistically work. It could make it appear old and out of style. A light gray or white customized garage door will look nice.
  • Does your house have bricks with earthy color? You cannot go pastel since it might look out of place. You can opt for a timber-look sectional garage door. 
  • Does it have an old and Queenslander-styled look? Perhaps a large stone textured garage door will not suit well, yet a white or light color of roller doors.

Let us be realistic with the design elements your home currently has or will have. Among many other choices, these are some of the core design elements that will impact the overall appearance of your garage door. 

  • Visual materials
  • Color of roof and walls
  • Style of home
  • Surrounding landscape

It is an excellent idea to examine your space and find things you can match. Even the driveways, garden pots, and letterboxes can affect your decision-making. 

Capture the attention of people

Most of the time, a garage door covers about 30% of the front of the house. Having the perfect color for your garage door can create a statement about your home. Use it to your advantage. 

Selecting a contrasting color to the front of your home can maximize the whole front of your home and obtain a captivating, distinct look. It does not have to follow the strict contrast; you can pick to be adventurous, and let your personality spark, or you could pick to be more formal with a standard approach that appears sleek and professional, neither is right nor wrong. Something you must remember for design purposes is keeping a strong sense of consistency during the design. You can do this by using the same color as your garage door to roof color or window sills. Remove the pressure. With the help of equipment, you can achieve the right garage door color that will suit your preference and budget. We are to help you!

How Much Paint Will You Need?

Typically, you will not require to purchase a great deal of paint if you are only painting your garage door. Even if you end up needing more coats of paint to seal a dark color underneath, a gallon of paint and a one-gallon container of primer should be enough. 

Select A New Garage Door Design Today with Family Christian Doors!

If you are ready to upgrade the color of your garage door, Family Christian Doors has different styles and colors of garage doors. Give us a call today for a free estimate and learn about our other garage door services. We are confident in offering you garage door installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. Get in touch with our Corinth representative by calling us today. 

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