Guide to Know the Type of Wall Clocks. How One is Priced Higher Than the Other

Wall clocks have been used for home decor for centuries. They can be very decorative, and add a touch of class to any room. There are many different types of wall clocks, from antique grandfather clocks to modern digital clocks. You can find a wall clock to match any style of home decor.

Wall clocks can make your walls look attractive and can transform your space into any theme of your choice. Also, there are a plethora of options that you may come across while shopping for wall clock decor. Want to know a few categories that can aggrandise your home? Read on to find it out yourself: 

Globetrotter clocks

Traversing the whole world is so much fun, and that is exactly what a globe trotter clock brings to the table- the fun element and a belief that globe trotters can never be in one place. Having a globe embossed on a wall clock reminds you that there is so much more to do and many more places to travel. 

The Samara Globe Round Wall clock With Moving Gear Mechanism is a perfect display that features the world map. This timeless edition is an antique wall clock that boasts high-end craftsmanship and design quality to speak in volume. The landmarks and destinations embossed on this wall clock give you a chance to create your bucket list to land down at places where you have never been before, enriching your walls with a creative display. 

 Maritime clocks

Maritime clocks are for the dreamers. They are fashionable clocks that can fit in almost all households. Whether contemporary-themed or traditional, a nautical clock can easily complement the other decor items of your house. It transforms your home into a calming and nurturing haven.

For people who love to have a nautical design clock in their home, The World Maritime Antique Decorative Wall Clock is a great addition that looks extremely ravishing and is loved by all those who would like to add timeless pieces to their walls.  

Vintage Wall Clocks

Vintage wall clocks are considered old-school, but they are stylish and pleasing wall accessories that can transform your walls with a decadent charm. They can beautify your walls besides keeping track of time.

You can buy our  Flynn Roman Round Decorative Wall Clock to add more character and meaning to the decor of your house. The embossed torso with golden numerals and hands forms a remarkable asset you can introduce to your abode. If you are looking for a vintage clock that can instantly revamp the walls, this timeless creation is just for you. 

You can also bring home The Aries Large Antique Wall Clock With Moving Gear Mechanism wall clock online for a subtle design that incorporates a perfect combination of utility and unbeatable style. This clock can fit into any given setting and bring in the next level of engagement for onlookers who get a glimpse of this clock. 


Minimalist Wall Clocks

A minimalist wall clock decor is a staple of every home that does the basics of time telling besides adding grace coupled with simplicity. People who love to deck their homes in a minimalist style, these clocks with neat structures and simple lines are a perfect fit. You can buy our Chic Opulence Decorative Wall Clock to add a mid-century style that brings in elegance in a peaceful and calm living room. The black frame with silver roman numerals makes it an excellent choice for your walls that is painted in neutral colours.


The Kensington Decorative Wall Clock is another functional and minimalist clock that you can hang on your walls to get time-related information in one go. The black numerals on a white background make the fonts easy to read and are also suited for homes with small kids and elderly people. 


European Chic Wall Clocks


European clocks can jazz up your place with a remarkable element. It inculcates a homely corner and raises the bar of magnificence and splendour, creating a rich ambience in your living rooms. The Welsh European Style Decorative Wall Clock is a work of art that instils a modern take on a traditional timepiece to add a whimsical element. It is a mid-century-inspired European clock spun in a silver frame and is no less than a showstopper that evokes vibrancy and a chic look.

 How are wall clocks priced differently?

Every wall clock has its own story and beauty; thus, it is pretty obvious that it will be priced differently. Here are a few factors that affect the pricing:

Size: The size of the wall clock is a significant factor that decides the price. The bigger the clock, the more will be the price owing to its surface and materials used for making an oversized clock compared to a medium-sized wall clock. 

Craftsmanship: A wall clock’s design, pattern, and intricacy is other price determiner. The more the work of art and the more the detailing, the higher will be the price. On the contrary, simple clocks can come at an affordable price.

Materials. The materials used for making a wall clock also determine the price. Wall clocks that are studded with pearls, gear mechanisms and other expensive materials are prone to be pricey. On the other hand, wall clocks that do not have such embellishments can be purchased at affordable prices.

Brand: Brand is associated with prestige and quality and influences the willingness to purchase a product. The same is the case when you purchase branded wall clocks that speak quality and value. Brand influences the pricing strategy, and thus, branded clocks are comparatively costlier than a local brand.

Style: The overall looks of a wall clock also matter a lot when it comes to pricing. Whether it be a traditional wall clock or a contemporary timepiece, the clock’s style and beauty also act as a deciding factor. Antiques and vintage wall clocks can be more expensive in comparison to their regular counterparts, while minimalist clocks can be easily afforded by the common man.

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