Guide to make roman blinds for your home

Guide to make roman blinds for your home

Making Roman blinds is a surprisingly easy way to put your personal stamp on any room of your home. They’re basically just a large piece of fabric, hemmed, layered and sewn in a series of clever ways to create stylish soft furnishings in your favourite fabric. They require careful measuring and a little patience, to ensure your blind fits perfectly in your window and is straight! But if you take your time, measure accurately and keep checking as you are going then you can make your own. We’re here to show you how easy it is to make roman shades, one step at a time, and also select a wide selection of roman blinds for office & home.

Roman blinds (like the ones pictured above) can be used to create a light but cosy atmosphere in a sunny room. Add lining and interlining and you can also make them blackout or thermal. There are several different methods you can use when making Roman shades and most people start off by making them on a sewing machine (check out the best sewing machines for beginners). However, for a really professional-looking finish, you shouldn’t be able to see any machine stitches on the front at all, and nearly the whole blind is made by hand.

We have tried many, many different ways of making Roman shades over the years and perfected our techniques and we have found that this is the most accurate way, with the neatest finish.

There are also different ways to hang your blind – you can use a wooden batten and screw eyes to thread your cord through, then wind it around a cleat mounted on the wall. However, since we discovered the side-winder mechanism, we have never looked back! The blind is lowered and raised by pulling the chain (just like on a roller blind) and you don’t have all those strings in the way, plus the blind pulls up more neatly, too.

In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to choose the right fabric for your blinds, where to buy all these mechanisms. These are often available as kits, which include everything you need for your blind – rods, tape, bar, Velcro – except for the fabric. They come in a variety of sizes and you just cut them down to fit.

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