Guide To Working Out In Gym Elevator Shoes

As the world continues to make immense progress in the field of Technology and Automation, our lives have certainly become easier, simpler, and smoother. At the same time, the advent of technology has made most of us a bit laid back, thereby making a regular workout a must for us. 

As per the research done by ‘Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’ and ‘Australian Bureau of Statistics, a large percentage of Australians are not physically active enough. The Ausplay study further confirms this fact.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Due to increasing workloads, lives have become hectic. But it is important to spend at least 30 minutes on yourself and do some sort of workout. 

Be it yoga, aerobics, dance, swimming, jogging, weightlifting, or playing a physically draining sport like Lawn Tennis, Basketball, or Soccer, a proper workout in any form leaves an everlasting positive impact on your body, mind and soul. A good exercise regime makes you stronger, healthier, and it also boosts your self-confidence. You start looking for a better version of yourself. 

You can transform your body and health by following a good workout schedule. But you have absolutely no control over certain aspects of your body, and one of them is your height.

Solution To Your Short Height

Imagine a huge crowd has gathered to witness a celebrity, and you are not able to catch the glimpse because the people standing in front of you are way taller than you! Or you step into a gym, and you see tall and physically fit people all around you. Sometimes, it does feel a bit frustrating to have a short height. Sometimes it leads to a lack of confidence and low morale too. 

But now you don’t need to worry. ‘Elevator Shoes’ is the answer to all your concerns related to your short height. 

Workout Elevator Shoes, due to their unique and technology-driven design and supreme comfort, help you get taller by 2 to 4 inches. After wearing them, you not only look taller, but you also feel supremely confident. 

Can You Do A Workout, Jog, Or Play Any Physically Draining Sport After Wearing Workout Elevator Shoes?

This is the first question that comes to every mind, and the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’. Due to the advancement in technology and changing needs of the buyers, shoes have become lighter, cushiony, and extremely comfortable. The gym elevator shoes not only enhance your height but also provide supreme comfort to your feet.

The elevated gym shoes for men and women have a hidden insert, which can increase your height by 5 cm to 11 cm. Wearing them for the first time may feel a bit odd as you have the habit of your own height. But it won’t take you a lot of time to get adjusted to your new height. 

How To Select The Best Elevator Shoes For Yourself?

The answer to this question depends on your current height and the kind of workout you do. 

If you do a more rigorous workout like jogging, playing tennis, soccer, or basketball, our advice is to go for the smaller lifts, as they will be more comfortable for your feet. And, if your workout includes weightlifting, cycling, stationary biking, or even gentle walking, consider the taller boosts.

Basically, you can perform your regular workout regime even after wearing elevated gym shoes. However, adjusting to your new and elevated height will require some time. Initially, especially with taller lifts, you may feel off-balance too. But there is nothing to worry about. Practice makes everyone perfect! Remember how women walk effortlessly in high pencil heels? 

What Kind Of Workouts Or Sports Activities Can You Do In Elevator Shoes?

Once you are used to the elevated height, you can continue with your usual workout, which can include – 

1.      Aerobics

For aerobics, you can go for medium lifts, as the movements are not extensively vigorous. If you are not comfortable with medium lifts, you can go with smaller boosts. Even an increase of 2 inches can boost your self-confidence. 

2.      Running/Walking/Jogging

For simple walking, you can go for medium to taller boosts. But if you jog or run regularly, our suggestion is to go for the smaller lifts, as they will be more comfortable for your feet. Moreover, running or sprinting with workout elevator shoes having taller lifts may make you feel odd and unsteady. 

3.      Weightlifting

For weightlifting, you can easily go for taller lifts. While lifting weights, you are mostly still on your feet. You may walk a bit inside the gym and do some exercises for your legs. But that’s not too much movement of feet, compared to running or playing soccer. Therefore, depending on your current height, you can choose a small, medium, or taller boost.

4.      Cycling / Stationary Biking

For stationary biking or cycling, you can go for taller lifts. Your legs will do most of the work, while your feet will be stationary on the pedals. Therefore, you can choose elevator shoes depending on your height and comfort. 

5.      Dancing

For dancing or workouts like Zumba, our suggestion is to go for smaller lifts, as you will be more comfortable in that. Our brain is adjusted to our natural height. And if you will put on workout elevator shoes with taller boosts, you may feel awkward, and it will affect your workout. 

6.      Rigorous Sports Tennis/Basketball/Soccer

For any sport, which requires a lot of running or feet movement, we strongly suggest you select the elevator shoes with smaller lifts. Imagine women, while wearing high heels, playing a game of rugby! Tough, right? 

Benefits Of Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes for workouts are not too different from the usual sports shoes and sneakers. They provide the same comfort, and you can use them like your usual gym shoes. But the elevator shoes do help in enhancing your overall height, which further helps you to regain your confidence. 

It boosts your morale, uplifts your self-esteem, makes you super confident, and it also shuts the mouths of body-shammers. 


If you are somewhat disheartened due to your short height, it is time to smile. Follow our guide and grab a pair of gym elevator shoes for yourself, depending on the workout you do. It’s time to get your confidence and smile back. 

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