Gymnastic mats and wall bars – sports equipment

 And sporting goods for apparatus gymnastics and gymnastics

Gymnastic mats, gymnastics mats, wall bars and boxes – we once started with these classic sports and gymnastics equipment. In addition to ball, strength and endurance sports, apparatus gymnastics, gymnastics and gymnastics still form a large and elementary business field of Kübler Sport. We carry gymnastics mats in various designs and from well-known manufacturers, boxes, trestles, wall bars and also trampolines. You will also find Olympic beams for apparatus gymnastics and practice balance beams as well as uneven bars and parallel bars in our extensive 해외축구중계사이트 equipment online shop. exercise mat, ribbon, ball, club, hoop or rod for competitive gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics are also part of our comprehensive sporting goods range. Benefit from our expertise and experience and, together with our customer advisors, find the perfect piece of sports equipment, whether it’s a gymnastics mat for school sports or the ideal wall bars for your gymnastics room.

Training hurdles, slalom poles and pylons for movement-intensive sports

Coordination, speed and endurance are the essential basics for movement-intensive sports. In order to be able to creatively design and effectively combine the training of these basics, you will find various sports equipment in our portfolio, such as training hurdles, slalom poles, cones and marking hoods, which allow all conceivable forms of training. Depending on the type of sport and training goal, built-up obstacles can be combined with other equipment, thus creating a varied coordination training. Of course we sell the right sports equipment for fitness and functional training with dumbbells, kettlebells , weight plates, dumbbells, ropes or bands. A gymnasium Rope is also a good piece of equipment that helps to increase your sports ability and make you fit. 

Keble goes fun sports: climbing, bouldering wall, slackline and cooperative games

Kublai Sport supplies modern fitness centers, schools, communities and investors with all sports equipment from the world of fun sports. Whether it’s a climbing wall or a bouldering wall, if you aim high, we’ll support you with everything that goes with it. In addition to complete climbing walls, you will also find coordination games and leisure games as well as other climbing accessories in our sports equipment online shop. Of course, slackline, trampoline or halfpipe should not be missing in the Funsport sporting goods range. We equip leisure and climbing parks with the latest equipment, gyms and playgrounds become more attractive with the help and support of Kübler Sport. Anyone who is planning a playground also knows that we have an experienced and well-stocked wholesaler at their side.

Kübler Sport always has an open ear for you

If you have any questions about soccer goals, wall bars, bouldering walls, gymnastics mats, therapy beds or other sports equipment, you can of course contact us at any time. You can reach us by phone, email or in person at Karl-Ferdinand-Braun-Straße 3 in 71522 Backnang.

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