The broadcast studio of the future is working today

In addition, the systems have been successfully implemented at major sporting events over the past year where the operator was hundreds of miles away from the actual camera as broadcasters tried to cut down on the number of on-site personnel and travel.

Nontraditional broadcasters are also a growing customer base.

Telemetries also aim to make its products,

 both gear and software, compatible with as many of the wide variety of options available on the market today.

Cuomo notes that Telemetric is poised to scale into traditional TV studios as its technology begins to be used in more high-profile productions, including Major League Baseball and Turner nba중계. It’s already been used in meeting and educational and training settings — another huge demand during the pandemic — with the tracking and AI technology letting institutions and companies deliver quality feeds and recordings with minimal crew.

Traditional broadcasters are starting to take notice now too, especially given the price point. Where a professional-grade camera, lens and robotic head could cost upwards of $45,000, RoboEye 2 can be priced at around a quarter of that.

“We have a major broadcaster in Texas

and they have a single person running the entire control room and our controller is triggering presets from the automation system — plus we’re doing all the facial and object tracking for the on-air talent,” said Cuomo. “Prior to reframe, that wouldn’t have been possible. They would’ve had three or four people doing those various different things.”

By employing the very latest in robotic camera control, Telemetric technology is helping broadcasters make the best use of limited space, improve operational efficiencies and navigate these challenging times by limiting the number of people in the studio—all without compromising on program quality and storytelling.

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About Telemetric, Inc.

Founded in 1973, Telemetric revolutionized television camera control with the development of Triax cable-connected camera control systems, and continues to be a pioneer of innovative camera control systems used in the Studio, Legislative, Military, and Education markets. The company began designing, manufacturing and supporting its own camera robotics systems in 1979, and ceiling and floor camera track systems in 1981. Today, Telemetric offers the Omni Glide™ Robotic Roving Platform, the ever-expanding series of Robotic Camera Control Panels, the S5 line of Pan/Tilt heads, the Elevators™ family of motorized columns, and ceiling- or floor-mounted Teleglobe™ track systems. Telemetric is committed to making the most reliable, durable, and dependable television broadcast robotics ecosystem in the world…products that can be built on for decades, not just years.

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