Hat selection made easy – How to distinguish between Fedoras and Trilbys?

Most men wear hats to acquire a dignified and sophisticated look, whereas women pay more attention to the fashion of hats.  There is enough truth in the statement, especially when you look at women’s cowboy hats, which are more for fashion than functionality. Women interested in replicating the Western style dominated by males would go for cowboy hats but with some twist in style to make it look more feminine. However, there is no denying that hats have a closer connection to men than women, even though many hats are gender-neutral or specifically suitable for both sexes. Although men might be less fashion-conscious than women, their love for hats is perhaps more than women’s.  Regardless of who wears a hat, there is no denying that you must wear a hat to complete any outfit most fashionably.

The choice of hats depends on the way you dress and the kind of look you prefer because all hats are not equal. The hat must complement the dress to create the desired look. For a sporting and casual look, you must opt for the baseball cap. The cowboy hat is the best to create the looks of an adventurist displaying a carefree attitude. The bucket hats can create casual looks, while there is nothing better than the fedora and Trilby for smart and sophisticated looks.

Decide on your style first

 For the classical looks with loads of style, the fedora and Trilby are the obvious choices for men that can give an edge in fashion and help make a style statement. Despite being traditional, both types of hats hold high appeal for those who want to add enough sophistication to their looks that have an air of elegance and charm.   But the question is which hat would be best for you?  No, you need not toss a coin to choose the hat because it would mean that you are leaving it to your luck. Instead, make a well-informed choice based on your style and fashion goals with the help of your knowledge about the distinguishing features of the hats and how they can help achieve your goals.

Fedoras and Trilbys are close cousins, and it might be challenging to spot the differences at a glance. This article should help you differentiate between the two by knowing the salient features of the hats which separate them.

How Fedoras differ from Trilbys

Fedoras and Trilbys look alike and confuse most people who cannot spot the differences by knowing what to look for.  Both hats have an almost identical design, but to see whether it is Fedora or Trilby, you must first look at the hats’ brims.  Fedoras have wide flat brims, and no improvisation can change this style which is a hallmark of the hat. On the other hand, Trilbys have shorter and flat edges with a slight upward curl towards the back.  If you see someone wearing the hat more towards the front of the head to create a shade that protects the face from the sunlight, it is indeed a Fedora.  Wearing the hat by pushing it slightly behind to expose the forehead would mean a Trilby hat.

 How to wear a Trilby

The Trilby hat made its first appearance during a stage performance in 1894, and the hat with an angled-down short brim at the front and slightly upturned at the back. The hat derives its name from the novel’s name that inspired its stage adaptation in which some characters wore the hat. Rabbit felt was the chosen material for making Trilbys during the initial days, but gradually tweed, wool, and straw became suitable substitutes. 

Trilbys have a youthful feel that goes well with modern styles and designs of outfits. Pairing the Trilby with a fitted shirt and slim trousers and loafers can help create a semi-formal or smart casual look.  A straw Trilby in natural color is ideal for summer because of its lightweight and breathability that keeps the head cool.  The same Trilby made from felt would be suitable for the winter season.

How to Wear a Fedora

Fedoras have a typical teardrop-shaped design with a shallow indented crown pinched at the front and prominent creases on the sides.  The brim is wider than Trilby but flat and rounded.  The Fedoras made a similar dramatic first- appearance on the stage like the Trilbys but introduced as a woman’s hat that later became a famous hat for men. The trend began when Prince Edward VIII of Britain wore it during a trip to the United States in 1924.

 The Fedoras are super stylish hats and so versatile that you can wear them with almost any kind of outfit that looks great. Its lightweight ensures more comfort, and straw Fedoras in light shades with a dark hatband looks stunningly beautiful. 

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