Replica Wrestling Belts See it Being Broadcast on RAW

This would be enjoyable. One of the issues with this is that you’d have been able to bring Mick Foley back. Mick Foley. While I’m not claiming to represent Mick here, I am not convinced that Mick Foley will return full-time to the sport of wrestling. I’ll say that I’m hoping I’m wrong. This could replace the championship for intercontinental in wrestling belts and replace the US title at SmackDown. Another possibility with this belt is that there isn’t anyone actually “hardcore” in the WWE nowadays. Even Tommy Dreamer’s not as tough as he was in the past. I don’t see this being a success, but this is an interesting idea. 

Another option that I think could be enjoyable is an event that involves ladder matches. I’m not the only person to come up with this idea. However, I believe it’s a great idea. Yes, I’ll even say that this event could be “epic.” The issue, and it isn’t just a minor one, is that of the wrestlers. At the same time, you could be able to find plenty of wrestling stars who can compete for this title. However, it appears that there could be plenty of injuries that could be involved. Then again, the WWE can afford any other injuries on their roster. This one is on the list of good ones since the fans would be interested in the idea. If this was to be put in place, I could see it being broadcast on RAW.

 I do not imagine this in Smack wrestling belts replicas Inter-gender Championship”. Okay… This is an incredibly difficult name. Maybe the “Inter-Gender Tag Team Championship.” This one could lead you into thinking there are only two members on a tag team, however, it’s not the situation. There are three. Two men and one Diva. This may be the most realistic concept I’ve ever had. I believe it’s a great idea. It’s a great idea because this would mean you can maintain all of the tag teams that the WWE is home to and include some among the Divas. Most of the Divas don’t even wrestle, but they do. The rules of these matches? They can do two things. They could mix it in which the males wrestle males and women would be wrestling women. 

They could also make it  that everyone wrestles everybody. It is also possible to alter the rules according to the circumstances. I could see this as replacing any or both of the Tag Team Championships on either show. It’s probably on RAW, however, as there don’t appear to be are enough available Divas On SmackDown like on RAW. If this scenario were to occur, I could imagine London, Kendrick, and Ashley fighting with Cade, Murdoch, and Julian perhaps (for opposite personalities). When I first came up with this idea, it took quite a while ago to be more successful. It could be Carlito, Ric Flair, and Torrie Wilson. 

Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Maria (or Ashley) vs. Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro (or John Morrison if John Morrison is his preference), and Melina. It could be “epic.” Unfortunately, the international title has become meaningless in recent times and is used randomly without regard for its long background. The belt was once important and was the first step into singles for many legendary players such as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, and Steve Austin. But who was the most renowned Intercontinental champion ever? It’s not about skill in terms of their achievements or the ones they made during the remainder of their lives, just their involvement in the Intercontinental Championship. Well, let’s get started. 

Chris Jericho Chris Jericho made a great impact in his debut in the iwgp heavyweight championship replica by delivering a fantastic segment featuring the Rock; however, rather than build upon this and create Chris Jericho as a major player, they decided to show himself first. Jericho has done exactly that in several great matches for the intercontinental title, particularly with the fellow WWE newcomers Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. However, the matches that I watched today remind me how far Jericho has fallen for the Intercontinental title has slipped. Jericho had the title six times, but one of them was shared with Chyna following their being found to have pinched simultaneously. 

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine One of the replica title belt on the list that never reached the top level of the WWE, but he will fight some epic battles for the intercontinental championships. Valentine was involved in one of the more violent fights during Intercontinental title history, involving Tito Santana. Valentine got the title from Santana. However, Santana did the same a few months later, in a Steel Cage match, that anyone who is a fan of the sport should attempt to watch in order to conclude the feud and give Valentine his only Intercontinental title reign.

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