Health Tips for the Busy Mum

Health Tips for the Busy Mum

Busy mums need to take care of their health just as much as anyone. But, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not an easy task when you have to juggle running a home, raising kids and working.

So, how can busy mothers who work long hours maintain their health or improve their health?

Sure, there are heaps of health tips out there, but it can be hard to know which ones are worth following and which ones are just myths perpetuated by old wives’ tales and misinformation. And, it is not like a busy mum has the time to read every book or article on women’s health tips—it’s impossible! 

Whether you’re too busy to make it to the gym in the morning or just unsure where to start, these health tips may help you get healthier right now and in the long-term future.

Listen to Your Body 

If you are a busy mum, you are probably a natural carer and a professional at putting everyone else’s health above your own.

This may mean you ignore your own health concerns or pain until it becomes a real problem. 

If you are experiencing pain or have a health concern, you may benefit from seeing a pain management specialist or functional medicine doctor.

Pain management specialists and functional medicine doctors focus on determining the root cause of your health concerns and pain. They will typically conduct a full medical assessment and take into consideration lifestyle factors and your medical history when determining the source of your symptoms or illness.

They will then tailor a treatment plan to address your health concerns and pain.

Another thing to consider if you are pregnant or recently gave birth is your posture, joints and musculoskeletal health. More importantly, how to look after them! 

Pregnancy and childbirth obviously takes a massive toll on our bodies and it is important to have the right pregnancy healthcare and resources available. Click here for a pregnancy resource page.

Get Enough Sleep 

We know, we know, easier said than done. But, sleep is vital for maintaining health.

Adults should aim for seven to nine hours a night. Getting enough sleep is one step you can take that may help improve your general health and wellbeing.

Exercise That is Right For You

Like most people, you may have been told once or twice before that you need to keep physically active and eat healthy foods.

But, like many busy mothers, you may struggle to find time to exercise or get to the gym. Fortunately, getting in your daily dose of exercise does not necessarily mean you need to head to the gym or go for a two-hour jog.

Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines recommends women get at least 30-minutes of exercise per day, which can be split into three ten-minute segments. 

This means exercise when you can and in a way that fits into your busy schedule. Perhaps take a ten-minute walk at lunch, do star-jumps with the kids before dinner or do a short ten-minute workout in the morning. 

Do what works for you and what you are going to enjoy. 

Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and may reduce your risk for many chronic diseases. 

Water, Water and More Water

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your general health is to drink enough water.

Water is essential for numerous body functions including:

  • Regulating body temperature through sweating
  • Maintaining blood density and blood flow 
  • Aiding digestion and preventing constipation
  • Lubricating and cushioning joints and soft tissue
  • Keeping your skin hydrated
  • Reducing the risk of UTIs and other bladder infections 
  • Carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells

It is recommended that women drink a minimum of two litres of fluids a day.

Prevent Over Paying The Price!

When it comes to looking after your mind, body and soul there are plenty of things you can do that may help keep you healthy and prevent the risk of major health concerns

How does that saying go again? Prevention is key!

Health care can be expensive, so you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay healthy without breaking the bank in the process. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of health tips out there to help you do just that!  

Above are just some of the ways you can give your body and mind the tools they need to stay healthy despite your busy schedule.

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