Honor Earbuds 2 lite Detailed Review Design & Quality

These wonderful earbuds are packed in a rectangular battery case that comes along with round edges and in glacier white color. The other color in which you can get these amazing earbuds is midnight black and it is specifically designed for those who love to have everything in dark mode. 

These smallest wireless earbuds look like Apple Airpods Pro, and you will get 3 sets of silicone ear tips along with them. 

There are no wingtips added in the design so they can cause a little discomfort when used for longer sessions of listening because they wedge into the canal and the pressure is not distributed due to lack of wingtips. 

But if you are using them for a shorter period of time then these tiniest earbuds will feel amazingly well and light.


These smallest bluetooth earbuds have an automatic function of play or pause as you insert or remove the earbuds. 

And you can also take advantage of the touch control technology that comes along with the Honor earbuds 2 lite. Sometimes touch controls can cause problems because they do not register, which may issue with double taps, but again not all the time. 

It can mistakenly register that touch whenever you try to fit them into your ears. You can toggle off all these functions by using the application. 

These best earbuds come with a box that includes a cable of type USB c and a few silicone ear tips. Along with other manual notes, there is a QR code that helps you to download the application.

Quality of Sound:

The Honor earbuds 2 lite has a little more emphasized the best quality and is slightly low in quality when it comes to the mids. 

However, it can produce instrumental sounds clearly and a lot of customers will definitely like the default frequency response of Honor earbuds 2 lite. The overall quality of the sound is pretty good and the users really e like these earbuds because of the quality of sound. 

These earbuds can provide you with the best performance with Huawei devices. Also, Huawei owners can easily integrate these buds with their devices.


Honors officially claim that you can get 10 hours of playback time on a single charge. you can definitely increase that with an extra 22 hours of battery life that you can get from the case of these mini wireless earbuds. 

According to a test on Honor earbuds 2 lite, where a constant output of 75 dB(SPL) was subjected to these earbuds and it almost took 7 hours and 29 minutes to deplete the batteries in the test performed on them. 

With the concern of charging the batteries, you can charge your Honor earbuds 2 lite in just 10 minutes from the case, and that it will provide you with playtime up to four hours which is amazingly fast.

Pros and Cons of Honor Earbuds 2 lite:


The advantages of these tiny bluetooth earbuds are mentioned below in the following

  • There is a sport of fast charging which means that you can charge your Honor earbuds 2 lite really fast
  • They can provide you with such amazing quality of sound
  • There is a function of autoplay and pause
  • Although they are not that expensive but still the noise-canceling feature is great
  • IPX 4 splash proof 
  • These best smallest earbuds have an excellent battery life
  • The price is affordable
  • Bluetooth 5.2 stable connection


The disadvantages of Honor earbuds 2 lite  are given below in the following:

  • Too much sensitive touch system
  • There is no aptX codec
  • Not that much comfortable
  • Device dependent applications support
  • Limited availability

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