How Can You Select and Present Your Gifts as A Guy

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OK, guys, you must have all reached the same conclusion by now that there are a few times each year when you just cannot avoid buying presents (no matter how hard you may try).

  • On her birthday and at Christmas,
  • In honor of your wedding anniversary,
  • And some of you may recall Valentine’s Day from time to time.

You procrastinate and procrastinate until the special day arrives. At which point you rush out, and panic buys either something you would like to receive yourself or, worse, something “practical” like handkerchiefs stationary. Or you can go for a gift certificate. Pick items that are so impersonal that your poor lady wonders if you have been paying “any” attention to her at all. For unique finds like a jerky flower you can visit

Selecting A Top Gift Card Boxes

Over the years that my husband and I have been married, he has committed about every gift-giving blunder known to man.

The lingerie (to which I inquired, “I thought it was my birthday”) Have you ever done anything like this?

When she is finding it difficult to keep to a diet plan, give her candy or chocolate as a gift. Also, never forget to use a Personalized Gift Card while giving your gifts. Have you ever been convicted of anything like this?

Don’t buy the incorrect size of clothing

There are many presents you should avoid purchasing for your wife at all costs. They include items you’d want to possess yourself. You can go for tickets to sports events you’d like to attend. Pick anything else that does not fit her hobbies and preferences but does match your own, such as pool cues and bowling balls.

The number one present you should never give your wife is clothing. In reality, it is a much bigger crime than the previous one. It ranks right up there with lingerie in terms of causing you anguish and suffering. It is because you attempt to figure out what looks nice on your wife and what size suits her.

Also, it is something you should never undertake; the job seems to be too large for the normal person. Buying clothing for your wife involves far too many problems.

Choosing a size for your wife is like a game of Russian roulette. If you make a bad guess, you will pay dearly for it. Unless you are quite positive of your wife’s dimensions, you will be guessing, which is risky territory. If you estimate too low, she will see it as an indicator of how you want her to appear. If you guess too high, she’ll assume you think she’s excessively overweight. It’s a lose-lose scenario.

Never believe in labels

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can get around it by believing the labels on her present clothing. There are no assurances that it is still her size, and not all garments with the same size truly are the same size, believe me.

I could go on and on, but I won’t because I don’t want to subject you to the mental agony of revisiting all of your previous gift-giving gaffes. And advise you on how to avoid getting in trouble in the future. It is vital when it comes to gift-giving with cards available in Gift Card Boxes.

Listen carefully

I know it’s a shocking discovery. But I assure you that for at least a few weeks, or maybe a few months if your wife thinks you’re especially obtuse a few months before that big day, your wife will be throwing clues left, right, and center in casual conversations every day. All you have to do is pay attention. Let’s add a card in a top Gift Card Packaging while giving gifts.

Unfortunately, you are generally attempting to listen to something else at the same time. It includes watching “The Match” on TV or listening to “Howard” on the radio while seeming to be glued to her every word (yes, guys, we do know). Most of the time, you overlook these “hidden” hints and wind up purchasing a present that you believe she would like. There’s a slight chance that your wife said that she wanted to acquire a new set of pans on a single occasion (by chance! it happened to be the one time you were truly listening). Even if she did, she doesn’t want to get them on her birthday. (Have you committed this sin?)

When it comes to gift-giving, a good rule of thumb is to never buy your wife a tool or appliance as a gift for a special event if it is associated with her doing more chores; it is probably not the best gift idea in the world. It is true even if they are a set of gold-plated pans once owned by Betty Crocker herself.

If, on the other hand, you just want to purchase new cookware or appliances for her for no special reason, this is a different beast. (And boy, would you win major points for that) It would show her that you are, after all, listening (occasionally).


Again, such an easy thing to accomplish, but you often ignore the obvious. While some ladies may feel it lacks thought, romance and originality. It, to be honest, does for most ladies. Most ladies feel it is preferable to forego the romance and originality rather than find themselves standing in line at the customer service desk come the new year returning the gift that they thought she would love as much as he did. I’m not sure about you, but when I get a present, I genuinely love obtaining something that I actually desire; I don’t like or want it any less because I had to tell someone that I wanted it.

But just because I know what I’m receiving doesn’t mean I want to be given cash and instructed to go purchase it and gift wrapping it myself; this isn’t the same thing. And it doesn’t absolve you from spending “your” time and “your” energy going to the mall. You are trekking through the shops looking for the thing and delivering it on the right day neatly gift-wrapped, with a card available in Gift Card Boxes you’ve really opened and read the contents.

Presentation is a must

To most ladies, the presentation is the most important part of the gift, perhaps even more important than the gift itself; it is proved to us, even if it is only two or three times a year, that we are loved and that what we want has been acknowledged and acted upon (for once) that we are important to you after all, and that you do care, even if you don’t show it most of the time.

If you have adolescent girls who like shopping, you have understood how brilliant and handy it would be to use this God-given gift-buying/wrapping tool and how silly it would be for you not to use it to its greatest potential. Don’t be dumb enough to let your wife know you didn’t put in the effort (guilty or not guilty)

We want you to think of us as unique and deserving of your attention. When you ask your wife what she actually wants as a present for the second time, as opposed to the first, her response will most likely be that she doesn’t want anything (don’t fall for this one – it’s the greatest sin of all).

Don’t be irrational

Don’t be so irrational as to not purchase your wife a present. OK, guys, I’m about to reveal one of the woman’s biggest secrets; when she says she doesn’t need a gift, she’s really giving you the opportunity to express your fonder feelings for her. What she wants to hear you say is something like, “Honey, of course, I’m going to buy you a gift; how could you ever think I wouldn’t? I love you so much I didn’t want to screw up and pick out something you didn’t really want; you know how clueless

Ask your wife what she wants for that special occasion with cards in Custom Gift Card Boxes. By doing so, you will avoid the risk of misinterpreting the hints she has been trying to give you for weeks. Also, you will save yourself from the panic of rushing around the mall the night before or morning of that particular event, as you abuse your brain trying to remember anything she may have said to you while you were paying most of your attention to the sports on TV.

Following these two easy procedures ensures that you will select a present that will make your lady delighted. If she isn’t pleased with the present, you didn’t follow these instructions correctly.

This is the most shocking discovery. But no matter how down-to-earth and realistic they look on the surface, on the inside. We are all suckers to varying degrees for sentimental romantic displays of devotion and happy endings. It is ideal even if some of us would rather die than acknowledge it.


The best gift any woman can receive from her significant other is the expression of love. You can show it with cards in Gift Card Boxes. You can go for a surprise gift, not a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, or even a Valentine’s Day gift. But a gift that she perceives as the one you don’t “have to” give.

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