How do I fix Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones

Find a solution to the problem of hearing no audio from your Bluetooth headphones even though they’re connected.

You’ve likely experienced this at some time or another.

If you’re wearing your preferred Bluetooth headphones, switch the Bluetooth option to ON. Then launch Spotify or YouTube and then play.

After a few seconds, you notice that you can’t hear any sound from your headphones.

What’s going on?

This article will examine why you aren’t getting any sound from headphones. Bluetooth headphones.

In addition, we’ll provide you with some techniques and tips to make it work again, whether you’re using your smartphone or a computer.

How do I fix Bluetooth headphones, which are connected but do not produce sound on a PC

Below are some of the most frequent situations and the solutions to fix your Bluetooth headphones running once more.

Enable Bluetooth Support Service

It is the Bluetooth Support Service is that allows Windows to recognize and pair to Bluetooth devices. If you disable it, it can result in Bluetooth headphones ceasing to function correctly or failing to be recognized in the pairing process.

Below are the necessary steps to activating the Bluetooth Support Services:

  1. On the keyboard on the keyboard, press Windows Key+R to launch the Run dialogue box.
  2. Enter services.msc and then press Enter. Windows Run Dialog Box
  3. In the list, search at Bluetooth Support Services. Double-click it. Go through Bluetooth Support Service settings
  4. In the drop-down menu, choose Automatic. Set Startup Type to Automatic
  5. Click Start under Service Status. After that, click Apply and then OK when you are done. Windows Services Panel and Bluetooth Support Service Properties Window
  6. Restart your computer. After it has booted up you can pair the Bluetooth headphones. Listen to some music to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

Set your default playback device

Another common option that is neglected is the current playback device. For instance, you may be using Bluetooth headphones correctly connected but you didn’t change the playback device choice from the laptop’s headphones to Bluetooth headphones. This can result in Windows using the laptop’s speakers to play audio.

Here’s how you can configure it properly for the correct setup for Bluetooth earbuds or headphones:

  1. In the Windows Search Box, type Control Panel. Hit Enter. Go to Windows Control Panel
  2. Click on Hardware & Sound. Next choose Sound. Hardware and Sound Settings in Windows
  3. Choose your Bluetooth headphones from the list. Playback devices on the list
  4. Click on “Set Default”. Then, hit Apply and OK. Set headphones as a default playback device
  5. Try to test if it works using an audio file on your computer.

Check your volume levels.

A quick look at your system’s tray to see the volume that is pumping out of your PC must be among the first steps you take in tackling this type of issue. These are the steps to take:

  1. Click on the volume icon in the desktop’s lower right corner.
  2. There’s a chance you already have more than one playback device, so select Bluetooth headphones from the list. Adjusting Windows Volume via System Tray
  3. You can adjust the volume by moving the slider to the left.
  4. You can also press the button to increase the volume of your keyboard. It’s typically placed alongside functions keys.

Update your Audio Driver

For those unfamiliar with the uninitiated term, a driver is an arrangement of instructions that Windows uses to transfer messages and information between its app and the physical device. An outdated or corrupted driver can lead you to lose your Bluetooth headphones to fail or stop working. Here’s how you can determine whether you’re Windows Audio Driver is working well and how you can update it.

  1. Right-click the Windows Start button and select Device Manager. Select a Sound video, Game, and Sound controller in the new window.
    Video, sound and game controllers are listed.
  2. Double-click your Bluetooth headphones. Select your preferred headphones
  3. Go to the “Driver” tab, then select “Update Driver”. Device Driver tab
  4. On the next screen, you’ll be asked whether you would like Windows to search for updated driver software automatically or if you want to do it manually. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  5. Windows will scan your computer and the internet for the most current drivers for the Bluetooth headset. 
  6. After that, it will allow you to update to a fresh driver or decide that your device already running the most recent version. You can skip to the next step if the latter is the case. If not, you can follow the subsequent instructions to update the new drivers.

Use your Troubleshooting tool to troubleshoot the issue.

Windows comes with an integrated troubleshooting tool to assist in fixing any issue. It can be used to find out if there are issues in or problems with your Bluetooth headphones. This is how you can test it to determine if the Bluetooth headphones have been in top condition.

  1. In the Windows Search Box, type Audio.
    Locating the audio troubleshooting tool
  2. Click ‘Find and Fix Issues in Playing Sound’
    Launching Windows Audio Troubleshooter
  3. The dialogue box will pop up; click Next.
    Audio Troubleshooter window
  4. This dialogue will give you an overview of the audio devices you use on your computer. Choose the Bluetooth headphone from the options, then proceed to the next step.
    Your audio device list
  5. The troubleshooter will conduct several tests and show the test results on the subsequent page.
  6. An action recommendation will be displayed to the user if there is an issue with your Bluetooth headphones. You’ll then be offered the choice to apply the fix or skip the step altogether.

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