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Lush Sky

Buying an apartment in Turkey is a current request that comes from investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Now is the perfect time to think about how to preserve your assets. Buy a villa in Turkey – that’s what a smart investor would do. We propose to consider one of the interesting options, so to speak, a novelty of the Istanbul real estate market.

Off-plan property in Turkey

The first step to a successful purchase of an off-plan property is to find a reliable developer. Experience and reputation are the sure signs of integrity in this matter. Check the developer’s completed projects, note their quality and quantity, and find out if he owns land. If the project in which you want to buy a home is the first or one of the first in the track record, it is better to look for another company.

Portfolios with detailed information about the constructed real estate are often published on the websites of large developers. In addition, there is news about the construction progress of projects that have been started and other useful information, including documentation and construction licenses.

An important indicator of a conscientious company is partnership with banks. Large financial institutions do not finance dubious companies and do not arrange mortgages.

Studying the terms of the contract is vital if you want to conduct a legal deal. Make sure you fully agree with the terms of the contract. In addition, you need to check again:

  • a building license;
  • registration of the purchase in the Turkish Land Registry;
  • notarized sale agreement.

Choice of payment scheme is important as well. The developer may insist that the buyer pays the full amount of the housing immediately. Of course, this makes sense, since the buyer receives a good discount. But, on the other hand, the risk of being deceived increases. The correct option would be to pay for the real estate in installments, during construction. Ideally, the down payment should be no more than 20% of the total cost.

Is it safe to buy off-plan in Turkey

If you used the tips above, conducted an independent analysis of the developer’s activities, his finished projects and documentation, there is nothing to be afraid of. To find a liquid project and buy it safely, you can use the services of a real estate agent. A qualified specialist has complete information about the situation in the Turkish housing market, is guided by the variety of offers and knows how to search for reliable developers. In addition, it will ensure the safe conclusion of the transaction and protection from the point of view of the legislative framework of the state.

Property in Istanbul

There is a new product in the field of complex construction. Its name is Lush Sky. This is an amazing combination of Scandinavian architecture, Art Nouveau style, found expression in townhouses, modern new buildings, and the unique social sphere of Lush Sky, which has no analogs in the city.

The key advantages of the complex are:

  • Ergonomic, comfortable apartments of the complex.
  • A large green area designed for relaxation and walks for Lush Sky residents.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Closed territory.
  • Comfortable atmosphere. Peaceful and quiet.
  • Thoughtful landscape design.
  • Sports grounds.
  • Playgrounds.

In other words, apartments in the Lush Sky residential complex are a compromise between an apartment and a country house, opening a new perspective on life in such a huge and beautiful city as Istanbul.

Apartments in Lush Sky 

Lush Sky apartments are designed for families with children. In this project, the smallest details are taken into account, including the carefully planned architecture of the apartments, from the kitchen to the storage rooms. The facades of the residences, which carry the textures of the traditional districts of Istanbul, deserve special attention.

There are 420 apartments and penthouses with different layouts in the complex. The layouts vary from 1 bedroom and 1 living room apartment to huge residence with 4 bedrooms and 1 living room.

Real estate within the framework of the project involves installments in terms of payment. Its conditions are as follows: when paying 25% of the property value in cash, the remaining amount is subject to installment plans for 10 years.

Infrastructure Benefits

The entire area is divided into territories for residential development, social service facilities, and recreational areas. All this makes up the infrastructure of Lush Sky, which includes:

  • SPA complex. These are saunas, steam rooms, Turkish baths, and indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Wellness: Fitness studio, Pilates club, yoga studio, gyms.
  • Leisure and entertainment area: studios for art lovers, an open-air cinema, a cinema hall, conference rooms, a library, karaoke, a music studio, a kids club, rooms for various hobbies, a guest room, cafes, and restaurants, a shopping street with diverse shops.
  • Outdoor recreation: gazebos, barbecues, a pond, and a playground for water entertainment; flower beds, garden, walking paths, bike paths.
  • Shopping: Includes a 5-star hotel and a mall with 400 stores. The shopping center has entertainment areas, children’s play centers, an ice rink, an underwater zoo, and a mega-cinema with 2,000 seats where you can spend time with your family.

Real estate in Turkey

Despite the severe economic consequences of the pandemic, an important and priority direction for investors remains Turkey, or rather its real estate market.

Particular interest is observed in real estate not just in new buildings, but in houses that are part of residential complexes. Significant attention, of course, is paid to geolocation. Therefore, Lush Sky residential complex is just an ideal investment solution.

Many other options will be prompted by the experts of portal Turk.Estate. Go over to the website and check them out.

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