What Are Snapchat Streaks And How Does it Work?

Snapchat Streaks

Snapchat is a very good application that has attracted a lot of people with its new and unique features. The application is a simple photo-sharing application but its different features make it different from all the other ones. You will see different filters of the application that will make your photo better and not only these there are also filters that are funny and suit different occasions like Christmas and New year. On this application, you can also create a bitmoji and then design it according to you. Another of these wonderful features of the application is Streaks. So in this guide; you will get to know about the function of these streaks and how Streaks work on Snapchat

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What is a Streak?

A streak in Snapchat represents the number of days you and your friend are sharing photos and videos with each other without missing a day. These streaks are very fun to make and let me tell you that; once you start making streaks you will not stop. Your snap streak count is the number of days you have sent a streak and in reply, your friend has also sent one. 

How can you see your Streaks?

After you have known what streaks are, let me tell you that it is very simple to see the streaks you have made. You will see that the Streak count will appear beside the friend’s name in the messaging area. You will also see that there will also be a flame emoji beside the number count and some other additional emojis that represent different meanings of the friendship. 

You will also see that when you make a streak of some significant days like 100 days then; there will also be a red hundred points emoji representing your successful hundred days streak.

How to keep up with your Streaks?

Once you have shared photos or videos back to back for two days then; you will see the number two appear beside your friend’s name. Now, after you know how to start a streak on Snapchat, it is important to know how you can keep up with the streak that you are making. To ensure that you keep your streak going; you and your friend must send snaps to each other within 24 hours without missing any single day. Snap streaks are the efforts of not just you but it is important that your friend also participates in it whole-heartily. If even any one of you misses sending the snap then; the streak will disappear and you will have to start again. 

What counts in Streaks?

It is important to know a very important point when you are learning how to get streaks on Snapchat; the messages, stories, and snaps from the memories don’t count as Streaks. You have to send a photo or video to any individual friend and not a group to maintain a streak. So, it is important that you understand that only single pics and videos will work as snaps. 

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