Reasons Why You Should Switch From Google Chrome To Mozilla Browser

Switch From Google Chrome To Mozilla Browser

Chrome may be the browser of choice for many users out there. But there is a lot to be said about the latest updates and its compatibility and security issues. Chrome may have been your go-to browser for a long time, but you may now prefer another.

As one of the most widely used alternatives to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is still a viable option. A change may be in your future. This is why switching from Chrome to Firefox is a good idea. 

So, is Firefox better than Chrome? Let’s look at some reasons why you should switch from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox. 

  1. Less Memory Usage 

Are you prone to have a slew of windows open at once? You don’t have to worry about your computer slowing down because you have too many open tabs using Firefox. A decrease in your computer’s speed could be caused by the utilization of Google Chrome’s RAM.

Chrome creates extra processes for each page you open, each page has its own memory and its own copy. 

Instead, four separate content processes run in the background of Firefox at all times. To put it another way, Chrome will use 20 processes while you have 20 tabs open, but Firefox only uses 4. It takes a lot of memory and battery life for Chrome to run at its peak performance.

Unlike Chrome, Firefox does not create a new process for each tab, but rather shares the first four tabs among the four running processes. Firefox is a superior browser alternative if your PC can’t keep up with Google Chrome’s memory consumption.

This is why you should use Firefox over Chrome. 

  1. Open-Source Software 

In order to ensure that Mozilla Firefox is compatible with other browsers, it is open-source. For as long as it follows Firefox’s license policy, anyone can modify and use the browser’s code. Developers and anyone else who can write code can play around with Firefox’s source code for free. In the battle of Mozilla vs Chrome, this one feature can win half the case. 

Mozilla’s public roadmap, on the other hand, is shaped by the contributions of its many contributors and members of the Mozilla community. Real open-source development should be based on this kind of community collaboration.

  1. Privacy Oriented Approach 

It’s worth considering Firefox as an alternative to Chrome if you want more control over how your data is being used. You may be confident that privacy is a top concern because of its constant improvements to enhance your online security. Firefox strives to provide the best user experience possible.

Trackers and scripts such as social media trackers, cross-site tracking cookies, fingerprinting, and cryptominers can be blocked by Firefox’s built-in tracker blocking tools. You can also make adjustments to the browser to enhance your online privacy.

The VPN for Mozilla is built in and if you need to add another VPN extension like that of VeePN, you can get that on a free trial and enjoy the benefits. VPN Mozilla is the best privacy option. VeePN extension has no-log policy, servers in over of 50 locations, and 2500+ servers all over the world. It’s makes Mozilla secured than ever.

  1. More Customizable

Another significant distinction in the comparison of Mozilla vs Chrome is the extent to which each can be customized. Even on different operating systems and devices, Chrome browsers seem nearly identical. Skinning the title bar and tabs are your only other options besides hiding or eliminating particular toolbars.

There’s more Firefox can do! A browser that allows you to express your creative side has long been a dream of many web users. To further customize the look of Firefox, you may also use the Firefox Color feature. Create stunning themes for your Firefox browser with the Firefox Color add-on.

  1. Unique Suite of Extensions 

A significant number of Chrome extensions are available; however, Firefox offers several unique extensions that are not available to Chrome users. After using any of these extensions, you’ll never want to leave Firefox again.

When it comes to multi-account containers, this is an excellent example. While using a single browser, you can log in to many accounts at the same time with this extension. For example, if you have many Twitter accounts and you want to log in to all of them at once, it’s a pain.

Multi-Account Containers, on the other hand, allow you to open many containers on separate tabs. Firefox allows you to use two different logins side by side in the same window. There is no need to log in and out of many Twitter accounts or utilize other time-consuming ways when you can do it all in one place. This is why you should use Firefox over Chrome. 

  1. Screenshots Within Browser 

Using extra tools isn’t necessary if you only want to take a screenshot of something on a page. Right-click and select Take Screenshot on Firefox.

Here, you may either drag to select a specific area of the screen, or you can select “Snap All” to take a snapshot of the entire page or the entire window.

Then you can either copy it to your clipboard or directly download it. It’s simple, quick, and wonderful.


Firefox and Chrome are essentially the same browsers at the end of the day. Both are good in terms of use, even if one is somewhat faster or consumes less energy. In other words, you can probably accomplish whatever you can with Chrome in Firefox as well.

If you’d want to share tabs, bookmarks, profiles, and more across several devices, you’ve come to the right place. Do you need an element inspector and a terminal to build websites? In order to prevent malware infestations, how about sandbox security? What about a task manager to identify and fix performance problems?

Both Chrome and Firefox are capable of these tasks. Remind yourself of the similarities between Chrome and Firefox if you’re hesitant to switch.

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