How Long Does it Take to Travel to Mars?

Take to Travel to Mars

Space travelling is a thing that generally is the fantasy of most people. It is the result of such fantasy or dream that people reach the moon and are now in a struggle to reach Mars but still do not succeed.

So, many times when we talk about travelling to space or the moon, a few questions come into our mind, like how long does it take to travel to Mars? Is it possible to travel to Mars? How far away is Mars from Earth? Or What challenges does man face while travelling to Mars?

So, Jiya Vlogs are here alongside the answers to your questions. Let’s Check below.

How long would it take to reach Mars?

Well, it is difficult to tell how long it would take to reach Mars as there are many factors ranging from the position of the planets to the technology that would propel you there. Besides, according to NASA, it would take nine months for a one-way trip.

Hence, overall, it would take twenty-one months to go and come back, from which around three months you have to wait to ensure that Mars and Earth are both suitable for the back home tour. Moreover, we look at how extended a trip to the Red Planet (Mars) would take using available technology and examine some of the aspects that would impact your travel time.

Distance between Mars and Earth

Mainly, we must preferably comprehend the distance between the two planets to decide how prolonged it will bring to reach Mars. Generally, Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the second nearest to Earth, whereas Venus’s the first closest planet. But the distance between Earth and Mars is constantly changing as they travel around the sun.

Certainly, there is a theory which is essential when it comes to the distance and travel to Mars that states that the nearest that Earth and Mars would approach each other would be when Mars is at its nearest point to the sun. In addition to this, Earth is at its most distant.

Therefore, it would set the planets only 54.6 million kilometers apart. Nevertheless, this has never occurred in documented history. Besides, the most intimate registered method of the two planets occurred in 2003 when they were only 56 million km separated. In short, the moderate distance between Earth and Mars is 140 million miles.

So Far Fastest Spacecraft

When you want to know how long it takes to travel to Mars, you should also know about the fastest spacecraft that helps you reach Mars Fast. If we talk about the fastest spacecraft until now, it is the Parker Solar Probe by NASA. Ultimately, the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft keeps breaking its records of speed as it moves nearest to the sun.

Moreover, on Nov 21, 2021, the Parker Solar Probe achieved a top speed of 101 miles per second throughout its 10th near flyby of our star. So, it summarizes to an eye-watering 364,621 mph. Furthermore, when the Parker Solar Probe arrives within 4 million miles of the solar exterior in December 2024, the spacecraft’s pace intention top 430,000 miles per hour! according to a NASA statement.

Issue While calculating the travel times to Mars

No doubt, the issue with the past calculations is that they estimate the distance between the two planets as a straight line. So, traveling via the most distant passing of Earth and Mars would concern a trip directly via the sun, whereas spacecraft must move in orbit near the solar system’s star.

Though this isn’t an issue for the nearest approach, another problem exists when the planets are on the exact side of the sun. Moreover, the numbers also believe that the two planets stay at a constant distance; when a probe is launched from Earth, the two planets are at the nearest approach. Besides, Mars will stay the exact distance over the 39 days it took the search to travel.

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