What is the difference between cheap and premium boxing gloves?

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Being a beginner, seasonal, or expert athlete, you must have come across an array of diverse boxing gloves which are at the opposite ends of the pricing spectrum. By pricing, we specifically mean the difference of boxing gloves price ranges, which differ from brand to brand and quality to quality.

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Boxing gloves are available in multiple quality options in the market. We do realize you must have seen $15 pairs at your local sports shop. But after seeing our premium boxing gloves priced at $100 at Infinitude Fight, you must be asking yourself; what is the difference? Don’t these both essentially fulfill one purpose?

That thought is way off the mark; boxing gloves are more than tools made from different materials. Let’s take an example of a t-shirt; a plain simple white t-shirt might cost you anywhere between $10 to $300, the same way the quality of the materials used in the gloves drives their price.

Basically, it is totally up to you how much you want to spend and fetch your hands the premium protection of quality gloves. You must now be thinking, what are the factors that determine the quality of boxing gloves? – The materials used in making gloves are probably a good way to start.


Boxing Gloves

The materials required to manufacture gloves may vary from product to product. Generally, there are 5 types of major material choices used in making gloves these days, which offer the wearer different levels of quality and comfort. Once you have selected the needed material types and quality, you can move ahead to choose the correct sizing, and weight scales of the gloves – all of these factors eventually determine a solid price.

Boxing Gloves Materials

Faux/Synthetic Leather

Economical glove brands normally use synthetic or faux leather alternatives as this material is cheaper to source and can be produced artificially. Synthetic gloves are fine for a punch or two intermittently; however, these can’t stand the everyday grind of power training and boxing. Synthetic gloves do not offer you comfort as they lack sufficient padding and an adequate prevention buffer.

Natural Top-Grain Leather

Top grain natural leather is the top durable and shielding material used to manufacture premium boxing gloves. This is the reason many premium and pro boxing gloves are made using genuine leather. Gloves made out of natural leather are relatively more durable than other variants and shall last you a long while, depending on the usage. When you decide to buy boxing gloves, we recommend always getting a pair made out of genuine natural leather.

Horsehair Padding

It is one of the top most used padding materials in boxing gloves and is still used while making the ultra-premium boxing gloves today. The horsehair padding is denser and therefore offers boosted punching power, and these are also a more environment-friendly substitute.

Foam Padding

Foam padding has got a lot more popular recently; however, the material is known to last for a lesser period of time when compared to the horsehair padding, yet the foam paddings provide enhanced and boosted protection.

Boxing Gloves Sizes

Boxing gloves sizes are different for everyone, and various sizes are suitable for different scenarios. The bigger are the gloves; the heavier will be the padding inside – heavier gloves are normally used for training or sparring. As far as the smaller size gloves are concerned, these gloves have less padding and are mostly sued for professional bouts.

Though there is a small boxing gloves price difference between the different sizes, it should not affect your buying decision – the usage should.

Once you have locked in the intended usage of the gloves, fighting, training, or sparring – you can move on to decide between the available materials. We want to stress again that basing your buying decision on the boxing gloves price can lead you to unwanted and avoidable injuries.

Now here is the important question – how are cheap and expensive gloves different, and how should you choose between them?

For starters, this decision should be based on your intended use and goals. Ask yourself these important questions mentioned below – and these will make your decision process easy and oriented.

  • What is my training frequency?
  • What tools I use for training – bags or pads?
  • What is my priority, durability, comfort, or performance?
  • How long should my gloves last?
  1. Am I an expert, seasonal, or a beginner trainee/fighter?

As you answer all of these questions – top to bottom, very soon, you will get a straightforward idea of what you need and what your goals are. Basing your purchasing decision on your intended use and goals will help you choose a perfect pair of boxing gloves.

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