How Often Should AC Be Serviced?

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An Air Conditioner, abbreviated as AC, is a system used to cool down a space by removing heat. It works like a heat pump but follows a cooling cycle. An air conditioner requires to be serviced twice yearly, especially during fall and at springtime, to keep it clean and maintain its parts in good shape to achieve optimum operation. It, however, depends on how much you use the air conditioner. If you use it daily, it is advisable to have it serviced thrice a year and once or twice a year if you do not use it frequently.  

It is possible to service the air conditioner yourself as long as you’re aware of what you are doing. And always ensure that the air conditioner is not plugged on power when you are working on it to avoid being electrocuted.  

You can engage the various companies available to service your air conditioner. HVAC contractors, for instance, check on the heater during fall and concentrate on tuning it up to regulate heat and humidity during spring. Servicing is considered best in spring because the prices are better and more manageable. Springtime is also the off-season for most technicians when they do not have to work under the pressure of emergencies.  

Consequently, by not servicing the air conditioner, it will accumulate dirt, which can be a cause to malfunction. There could also be an accumulation of mold and harmful bacteria that will make your situation worsen in case you suffer allergies.  

Consider checking ac services boyce va for more insights. Read through this article to know how often the air conditioner should be serviced and also the following:

  • Factors that determine how often an air conditioner should be serviced
  • Reasons for servicing the air conditioner
  • Signs to watch out for when the air conditioner needs repair
  • What the servicing entails
  • The parts of the air conditioner that should be serviced
  • How long servicing takes
  • Benefits of servicing air conditioners 

Factors That Determine How Often An Air Conditioner Should Be Serviced

When looking at how often the air conditioners need servicing, in most cases, below are some factors that determine how often to service your AC:

  • How Old Or New Your Air Conditioning Unit Is

Servicing is crucial for an air conditioner for proper functioning; however, it depends on how old or new it is. You may need service just once a year if it is a new appliance. Moreover, an old appliance needs to be serviced frequently, which could be two or even three times a year. It is because the appliance may not be as reliable considering that most of its parts are worn out.

  • How Much The Air Conditioner Is Used

An air conditioner that is used throughout the year needs servicing frequently as opposed to the one used for shorter periods like half a year or even just three months. You always be keen on the environment the air conditioner operates in. On one hand, the air conditioning system is built to resist heat waves and work continuously. On the other, the system cannot work in too much humidity. It’s because of the operation differences; the air conditioner may need servicing at least two times a year.  

  • The Type Of Environment That The Air Conditioner Operates In

In situations where you have to fit your air conditioning system to work in an area or space that has salt and sand particles requires to be serviced more than once a year. Failure to do that, the air conditioner will release contaminated air that can affect asthmatic people and those suffering from allergies.

  • The Type Of Air Conditioner

There are three major types of air conditioners, and because of their structure, where they are fitted, and the purpose they serve, their servicing could be different. Central air conditioners are commonly used in homes with large spaces. It is a system that circulates air through supply and returns ducts, thus needing regular maintenance and servicing at least twice a year. 

Window air conditioners are portable units that are installed on windows to cool or heat small spaces. Moreover, the air filters must be cleaned monthly for proper functioning. It means that there should be regular servicing of maybe once or two times a year. 

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are also commonly used in homes with several split air conditioning systems regulated using a thermostat. This type of air conditioner can cool parts of the home as required. It may also require servicing at least twice a year.

Reasons For Servicing An Air Conditioner

A functioning cooling AC unit is essential to keep you and your families comfortable at all times of the day and night. Below are reasons why you need to service your AC:

  • To have it operate within the ideal limits and become energy efficient in the long run. 
  • To be able to foresee issues that are likely to come up and address them before they get out of hand, which may cost you a great deal. 
  • To avoid waiting for warning signs considering that it may be too late because problems with the air conditioner are usually not noticeable.

Signs To Watch Out For When The Air Conditioner Needs Repair

There are pointers/signs that alert you when the air conditioner needs repair. See the following signs:

  1. Releasing Of Warm Air

There could be a release of warm air, maybe because of the wrong setting up of the thermostat, or air condenser blockage due to the leaking of the refrigerant.

  1. Release Of A Bad Smell When The Air Conditioner Is On

It could be as a result of burned wire or the occurrence of an error in the insulation process. This problem needs an immediate solution so bad smell does not cause you or any household members any harm.  

  1. Sudden Rise Of The Electricity Bill

It happens when the air conditioner’s efficiency is lowered, which could be of a faulty thermostat and a leaking refrigerant. You could avoid such problems when you service the air conditioner regularly as required and ensure good maintenance.

  1. The Air Conditioner Automatically Turns Off

In this case, the air conditioner turns itself off after some particular time, say after every one hour. It could be caused by a broken thermostat or one that cannot gauge the cooling anymore.  

  1. Non-Elimination Of Humidity

Eliminating humidity is a function of the air conditioner with releasing cool air. It is time to get your air conditioner checked by a professional if you see that the humidity level is not being reduced.

  1. Airflow Is Weak

It is likely to happen when the compressor fails. Air is released but on a weak flow. The air is thus not enough to make the room cool even after the air conditioner has been on for a long period.  

What Servicing An Air Conditioner Entails:

Below are some of the activities that are carried out when servicing an air conditioner:

  • Oiling the parts like the motors and tightening belts to achieve smooth operation and cleaning for proper functionality. 
  • The air conditioner professional will also check and measure electricity to ensure that the sequence of control is correct and that there is no simultaneous operation of the heating and cooling systems. 
  • Measuring airflow through the evaporator coil and pointing out any anomalies that need fixing. 
  • Thorough checking of all the major and crucial parts of the air conditioner i.e. the small pipes to close up any leakages, condenser, blower, and condensate drain is needed.  
  • Checking of refrigerant level to ensure that the amount is correct as well as checking for any leaks using a leak detector. 
  • Checking of the thermostat to make sure it is correct and is sending the right signals to the air conditioner unit.

Parts Of An Air Conditioner That Should Be Serviced

An air conditioner is made up of different parts that perform different functions. Below are the parts that should be serviced:

  • Compressor

It displaces heat from the air and allows cool air to circulate in a room by turning the gas refrigerant into a liquid. That complex mechanism within the compressor needs to be checked and maintained often.

  • Condenser

It is made up of hollow coils through which refrigerant gas travels to cause cooling. The coils should thus be checked and cleaned regularly. It is to avoid issues like moisture in the air conditioner reacting with the coils to form a corrosive substance. Ultimately, this corrosive substance gets to destroy the condenser and other parts of the air conditioner.

  • Evaporator

It is the part that is responsible for the last bit of the cooling process. The liquid refrigerator comes into the evaporator coil then it is made into a gaseous state. The coils should be cleaned regularly using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt that accumulates over time. That accumulation of dirt causes the evaporator coil to run slower than expected, and in the process, more electricity is used.

  • Thermostat

It is a sensor that makes it possible for you to set the required temperature in a room. The sensor sends an alert to the air conditioner after the temperature in the room becomes cool to the level you set on the thermostat. It is advisable to have the thermostat serviced regularly by a professional.

  • Drain Pipes

As the name suggests, they form the drainage system. The accumulation of dust particles in the pipes causes blockage, which may result from the inability of the air conditioner to release cool air and thus too much moisture in the room. These pipes need to be serviced by chemical cleaning them, by a professional. 

  • Filters

These help with the transfer of cool air into the evaporator coil. It is not possible when the filters are covered with dirt and dust because they will not release the cool air into the evaporator, and thus cooling will be slowed down. The filters should be cleaned regularly, like on a monthly basis with water and a gentle detergent, especially if you are cleaning them yourself.

  • Muffler

It is the component that controls the sound made by the compressor as it is working. When faulty, the compressor makes an unbearable loud noise in the course of working. It requires regular checking by a professional.

How Long And How Much Does Servicing Air Conditioners Take And Cost?

Ideally, servicing air conditioners could take about one to two hours. It, however, depends on factors like the kind of air conditioner, how big or small your house or the space is, and the period that has elapsed since the unit was last serviced. It may take longer if there are any repairs involved.

How much servicing costs depends on the technicians, considering that there are those who would charge per hour and those that give a flat rate. Generally, the costs would range between $140 and $220. The cost could rise to about $440 to $920 if servicing includes repairs.  

Benefits Of Servicing Air Conditioners

Regular AC maintenance will run your cooling system more efficiently. Below are some of the benefits that come with servicing the air conditioner:

  • Saves Money

Routine service will save you money that you would have otherwise spent to settle huge electricity bills as a result of using faulty air conditioners.  

  • Quality Of Air Is Improved 

You are guaranteed clean and toxin-free air in your home when you have the air conditioner regularly serviced as expected. 

  • Energy Efficient 

Ensuring that you service your air conditioner regularly will result in working efficiently and thus manageable energy bills.  

  • Promotes Good Health 

Servicing the air conditioner means that some parts like filters, which can accumulate dirt will be cleaned, and in turn, there will be clean air to breathe. It is an advantage to people suffering from allergies. 

  • Air Conditioning System Lasts Longer 

When you ensure that your air conditioner is serviced regularly, it will serve you for a longer period without having to replace any of the parts, which may be costly. 


Over and above everything that needs to be considered with regards to handling air conditioners, servicing is a must-do activity. Servicing air conditioners regularly will result in proper functioning, efficient performance, and value for money.

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