How to be a good girlfriend

How to be a good girlfriend

You’re just starting to date this guy. He’s not your boyfriend yet but you’re just waiting for that. You’ve been together for some time now. In short, whatever your situation with him, here are the 10 tips to follow to be a good girlfriend.

Believe me, your Jules will be in heaven if you follow my advice to the letter and you will thank me 1000 times, at least. Ready to learn more? So let’s see it together and in detail without further ado.

How to be a good girlfriend,10 best tips

1. Take your time

If you are still in the early days or in the seduction phase with your man, take your time. By that I mean you have to take it easy and not put the cart before the horse. This is just the beginning between you so why want to go faster than the music? Take the time to get to know him, to reveal yourself, to share good times together and to enjoy it before talking to him about marriage, children or moving in… Do not be impatient to introduce him to your friends or your friends. parents. It will happen naturally and when the time is right. If you go too fast you might scare him away and lose him my dear so once again take your time. There is no point in running, he likes you, he pleases you, a relationship that is only just beginning.

2. Be honest

Even if you fall for him completely, be honest. Don’t drink all of his words and constantly agree with him if you are not. Obviously, you don’t need to be aggressive or upset if you don’t share the same opinion, but be honest and say what you think. Likewise, be honest about how you are feeling, about your feelings. For example, if the gentleman tells you that he loves you, do not answer him “I love you” if you are not (yet) in love. Be delicate and affectionate to thank him for making such a confession, but don’t feel pressured to tell him that you love him if you don’t (yet). Rest assured, he will not be upset and he will greatly appreciate that you do not say anything to him until you share the same feeling. He’ll appreciate it even more when you tell him when the time comes.

3. Be natural

Be natural

Don’t play a role and be natural. Remember the adage that goes “chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop”. Yes, I often use it in my articles if you are a loyal reader of mine, but it is so true. And it is so important to memorize because when a man makes your head spin, you might tend to want to do everything to make him crack too even if it means doing or saying things that are not like you. Now, remember that if the gentleman falls for you, it must be for the REAL you and not the one you are trying to put forward temporarily … Besides, if your man falls for this false representation of yourself, he will fall from a height when he sees your real face and you risk losing him forever… This is really important advice to become the perfect girlfriend. Be natural, be yourself, be who you are and never play a role.

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4. Listen

Listening is also about becoming a good girlfriend. When your man is confiding in you or telling you he needs air or wants to do this or say that, listen. Of course, he too will have to be listening and make sure that he does so in order to relate to each other.

Your man will appreciate that you listen to him and give him your attention, so be careful of that. It’s not all about you. In a relationship, there are two of you, so if you need him to listen to you, remember that he too needs you to listen to him.

5. Be positive

Nothing worse for a man than to find his girlfriend who makes the face and who spends her time bitching or making negative remarks … Be positive and make your met want to spend time with you, to see you and to enjoy every moment by your side. And then, honestly my dear, you are so much more beautiful and alluring with that smile on your lips!

6. Be understanding

.Be understanding

Men and women do not work the same. I’m not telling you anything here, of course. On the other hand, it does mean that you have to be understanding. It may be that, for example, tonight you want to have a restaurant and cinema evening but that the gentleman would rather stay at home watching TV or doing something else that pleases him. Don’t be selfish and don’t see the harm in your man’s desires which may vary from yours. Be understanding, remembering that you would also like him to be understanding towards you. Each in turn.

7. Leave him some space

A man needs his space, to see his friends, to live his hobbies, his passions … Besides, I hope that is your case too because there is nothing worse than doing everything as a couple ! Give him space, let him spend evenings with his friends, watch his football matches or go jogging on Sunday mornings. No matter what pleases him, give him the space he needs and also maintain your own space on your side. The best balance is that you each have your moments on your side combined with your moments together, the two of you.

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8. Be affectionate

Naturally, a man sees a woman as his source of comfort, affection, love… Be affectionate, be the one who will give him hugs when he wants or needs it. Being affectionate doesn’t mean being submissive (if at all you were wondering). Affection is essential between two people who are in a relationship. Show her tenderness and simple gestures that will fill him with love and affection – this is the best way to become a good girlfriend – the woman of his dreams 🙂

9. Be attractive

Be attractive

After a big week, you might want to spend the weekend in your favorite pajamas, your hair loose and the socks pulled up to the knees… Well, this image can be sexy depending on what you’re wearing but all in all. case, be attractive . Be attractive in all circumstances. Never stop seducing your man and making him want to seduce you in return. This is one of the keys to becoming the perfect girlfriend.

10. Be surprising

No need to go looking for things that are too complicated (well, it’s up to you to decide according to your temperament) but be surprising . Don’t let him get used to things you do or say all the time. Surprise him in your actions and bring freshness to your relationship.

I hope these 10 tips will help you to become a good girlfriend . If you have any other advice or would like to share your experience / opinion with us, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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