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Mercedes BMW

Introduction For Mercedes

After years of attending the Consumer Electronics Show, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have decided to skip the show in the next couple years. This is a decision that is largely related to the fast spike in COVID-19 cases prompted by a new variant of the virus known as Omicron. Both BMW and Mercedes-Benz had planned to introduce new color-changing body panels and a high-tech in-vehicle theater system at the show, but they have instead chosen to hold digital events to promote their products and services.

BMW decision

In addition to the BMW decision, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it would not be present at CES in Las Vegas in 2022. The company also said that it will not participate in the event due to the rapidly-rising number of COVID-19 cases and to prioritize the health and safety of its employees. The automaker said it would participate in the show through virtual media only.

The company cited various reasons for its decision, including its concerns about the outbreak of the COVID virus. In a statement, the German automaker said that it will not attend CES in the future because the company is not willing to take the risk of exposing its employees to the virus. The automaker also pointed to the increase in COVID cases.

The list of companies opting out of the CES show in Las Vegas is growing. Several automakers are not showing up at the show in order to avoid the virus. Some of these companies are also making the choice to participate through virtual means. Despite the growing number of COVID cases, a number of automakers have decided to stay away from CES in order to protect their employees.

BMW Behavior

BMW has also been aggressively pushing its autonomous strategy, and recently unveiled a concept car that is fully autonomous. The company also announced a partnership with Daimler, committing 1,200 engineers to developing its own automaker tech platform. However, the partnership ended less than a year later because building a joint tech platform proved more complicated than anticipated. This move is not surprising, as BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been aggressively seeking to gain a competitive advantage in the field of autonomous vehicles.

In addition to BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Daimler have also changed their plans. At the CES in Las Vegas, both companies will have a physical presence. Panasonic, however, will only be represented through digital means. This is a sign of the continued importance of customer relationships. In addition to CES, these companies will host digital events. Some of them will even hold virtual events.


While BMW are still planning to exhibit at CES in 2022, more companies are opting-out of in-person CES in favor of digital events. These companies have cited concerns about the rising COVID-19 infection rate and the need to protect their employees from the virus. Moreover, IBM and Panasonic will not be exhibiting at the show this year.

Despite the negative press surrounding the show, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have also made some changes to their appearances. While Mercedes had originally planned to showcase color-changing body panels, a high-tech in-vehicle theater system, and a new model called the iX M60, the company is now opting-out of the in-person CES.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW

In addition to Mercedes-Benz and BMW, more companies are opting-out of in-person CES in the future, citing the rising COVID virus. The companies plan to hold virtual events instead of in-person presences. It is unclear whether the companies will continue to participate in the event. If they do, they will not be participating at all, but they will be presenting their products and services on the digital side.

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