How to Choose The Best Metal Bed Frame

Best Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are highly durable. Their versatility and aesthetic appeal make them ideal for any bedroom. However, there are several metal beds on the market. Selecting the right bed is very important. The following are key things you should consider before Choosing the Right Metal Bed Frame.

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Metal Type

There are different types of metals. Common ones include steel and metal allows.

Steel—Stel metal beds are light. They are also durable. If you want a metal bed frame that offers a fine balance between durability, aesthetics, and portability, choose steel metal beds. These bed frames come with hollow structures, which makes them extremely lightweight. Still more, these bed frames come with long-lasting carcasses, which can sufficiently hold the weight of your mattress.

Cast iron—A cast iron metal bed, which usually costs less than its steel-based counterpart, is meticulously forged. They are also heavy. The downside with these bed frames is that they can rust and catch dust.

Metal alloys—Most bed frames on the market are made from metal alloys. Brass is the most common type of metal alloy. These bed frames are pretty, pliable, and durable. The only issue with these bed frames is that they can bend, which means that they can’t hold huge weights.

Mattress Type

What type of mattress do you have? Is it dense? According to experts, a dense mattress requires a metal bed frame. These mattresses include Latex, Hybrids, etc. Metal bed frames are designed in such a way that the base can reinforce the edges of the mattress, which improves or optimizes the anti-sagging property.

However, foam mattresses can still be used on metal beds. Ensure that the space between the bed slates doesn’t exceed 5 inches. Allowing huge spaces will lead to the protrusion of the base. Consequently, the mattress will not support your weight sufficiently.

Weight Capacity

Usually, the weight capacity of metal beds is more than that of wooden units. However, it’s important to determine the weight limit. Ensure that the metal bed you purchase can sufficiently hold two people and a mattress. For a single sleeper, the limit should be around 300ibs. For a two sleeper, choose a bed frame that can hold more than 6000ibs.


Chose the right design. Thus, observe the frame style. There are several styles on the market. From classic to minimalistic, you won’t miss a style that suits your needs. For those who love minimalistic loft, consider choosing minimalistic frames.  On the other hand, if your taste is in classic things, then forged footboards will add that extra glamour to your bedroom.

Key Takeaway

Don’t rush when choosing a metal bed. Taking your time will lead you to the best bed. Read past customer reviews. Ask for referrals. Check the design. Choose a bed that holds your mattress. Ensure that the bed can support your weight and that of your partner.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t choose the first metal bed you come across. Select the best one. Choose a metal bed with high aesthetic appeal. Consider the weight of the mattress. Look at its design. Use the above guide to choose the best metal bed frame. 

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