How to decorate your home with vintage finds?

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Decorating your home with antiques comes from the innate need to connect to the past or create a sense of history to believe in a store in a space we inhabit. Humans tend to have a soft spot for things that are endured longer than they should be. Or something that shows and tells a story about the past. 

Some humans are lucky enough to have gifted antiques from generations, while others buy antique decor items to give their home a vintage look. Antiques are generally things that are more than 100 years old, and vintage is things that are around 20 years old. 

If you are a vintage-antique lover, then we have listed some of the ways to decor your homes with antiques to give them a vintage look:

  • Collect useful vintage items

Anytime you see a vintage ashtray, vase, serving bowl, or antique candlesticks that moves you, buy it instantly. Store all your vintage items on a bookshelf for easy access, and they are also great to look at, giving you a vintage feel. You can use ashtrays to hold dish sponges and hold potpourri. You can place antique candlesticks anywhere in your home as they look great and give a touch of vintage feel at our home. 

  • Make use of old books.

Old books are one of the best ways for home decor. They smell great, worn covers, and their thick, yellowed pages give you a vintage feel all over your house. There are many ways to decorate old books at your home. For instance, you can decorate your coffee table by placing old books or covering old books with old lace to give it a more ancient look. 

  • Stack up old trunks

If you want to give your home an ‘ 80s look, then stack up some old trunks from big to small in contrasting colours at the corner of your bedroom—for instance, orange, yellow or blue trunks. You can buy antique trunks from the market and paint them. In addition, you can add a retro vase over the trunks to make it look more vintage. 

  • Buy Vintage furniture 

If you have a budget to buy whole vintage furniture to decorate your home, then go for it. You can place old wooden chairs and tables in your large living room—a small coffee table to give it a more 90s look. 

  • Place an Armoire in the Living Room

Instead of placing an armoire in your bedroom for clothes, palace it in your living room to showcase your collection of vintage finds. Also, you can remove the shelves from the armoire to place a TV or store extra pillows and blankets. 

  • Make use of Wooden Crates.

Wooden crates are one of the best antique decor items every household needs. They can be used to store indoor plants on a windowsill or hold your office documents. In addition, they can be used as a coffee table in your living room. 

  • Mix and Match antique items 

One of the best vintage home decor ideas is to mix vintage furniture with your antique collection of things. For instance, you can build a cohesive look by placing puffy chairs with black and white photos on the wall. Or, place a variety of antique vases on your coffee table. 


Decorating with a vintage look does not mean it has been old, faded, or worn out. Instead, it means decorating your home with stylish antiques that you might have found somewhere or it was gifted to you through generations. These are some of the ways you can follow to make your home look rustic and vintage. Or it’s never too late to use your creative imagination. 

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