How to Embrace Who You Are


You must embrace who you are when you want to display your true self. Yes, embracing yourself can be scary but holds loads of benefits. However, when you live authentically, it takes a degree of courage and vulnerability. Here at Mateus Studios, we have five tips for embracing who you are.  

First, Establish Your Identity 

Start thinking about your personal traits and the roles they play in life. For example, maybe you are creative, funny, smart, or photogenic. To get in touch with your inner self, create an identity list looking at the values you can bring to life and what brings you joy. Once you write them down, you can get those qualities to the table. 

Remove the Negative Thinking 

With your list of identities, you will quickly realize that the negative voice shouting in your head is not part of you. So, stop identifying yourself with negativity and look at the features you like. Think of what you want to bring to your life. Start your sentences with I deserve or I am worthy of. Then, when you practice positivity and what delights you, those things will start to unfold in your life. 

Take Action 

Once you identify what you stand for and who you are. Then find ways to take action. For example, if you are creative, make some time to create things. Furthermore, if you value service, then look for volunteer opportunities. 

Finally, if you are photogenic, give a boudoir photography Vancouver session a try. You can then gift that particular person in your life with some sexy photos they will cherish forever. Finding something that brings you joy and makes you feel worthy is essential. 

Forget About What Others Think of You 

The truth is no matter what you do, you will never be able to please everyone, and you should not aim to achieve this. So stop bending and molding to what other people have in mind for you. Neither should you act differently depending on whom you are with. 

You are betraying others and yourself moving you away from your true identity. Hence, you end up questioning yourself about who you are. Forget about others’ expectations and focus on what you want and what makes you happy. 

Do The Scary Things 

When you search for your true identity, it is a long-changing journey. The truth is who you’re today is not who you’re tomorrow. The fact is that change is not easy and remains scary. But the important thing is to embrace it. 

When you look at fear head-on and face your challenges yourself, you learn valuable life lessons. Furthermore, those things that scare you are what you need to do the most. Facing those fears allows you to grow. 

Always be open to changes and do things that scare you daily. When you do this, you can face who you are and live the true identity within you. You are who you are, and you don’t need to change because of others. Each person is an individual on their own, and we need to accept each other the way we are.

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