Everything To Know About Instagram Web Viewer

Everything To Know About Instagram Web Viewer

What is Instagram Web Viewer?

Instagram web viewer is a private viewer, also known as Instagram stalker, which allows you to view public Instagram profiles without logging in. 

  • You don’t need to create a fake Instagram account or a temporary account.
  • You don’t need to install the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  • Just use the Instagram web viewer to search for any Instagram public account.

It can be annoying when you see an interesting post that redirects to Instagram but you can’t see more because you have to log in to Instagram first. This Instagram web viewer is a hassle-free option that you can use anytime!

How can I view an Instagram profile anonymously?

1. Find the Instagram profile and copy the username.

2. Paste the username in the search field below.

3. Click on the search button.

It is done! Get instant access to Instagram!

Pikdo Instagram web viewer

Thanks to the Pikdo Instagram web viewer, Instagram subscribers can now watch stories discreetly. It is indeed a tool that not only allows you to have fun on the platform, but also to develop a strategy to boost a page. How does Pikdo work? What are its qualities? Next we together learn everything about this Instagram web viewer.

Introducing the Pikdo web viewer

The Pikdo Instagram viewer designates a special web player. It is different from Piknu and Pictame which allow you to receive notifications and information on a profile. Unlike the latter, Pikdo represents a discrete viewing service without having an account. Thanks to its API, application programming interface, its operation takes place entirely anonymously.

API programming allows social network subscribers to view tags, hashtags, photos and videos. In addition to this, Pikdo is also used to develop a business page.

The features of the Pikdo viewer

The Pikdo web viewer has several features:

Viewing Instagram Profiles

One of the features of Pikdo is the consultation of profiles. This feature allows you to see all the posts of users who have a public account. By using Pikdo, the subscriber can view multimedia content and stories.

For Internet users who do not know the name of a user or a company on Instagram, just enter the name of the person in the web browser followed by “ Instagram “. The platform will offer them the requested name. Then they can enter it in the viewer to find the profile.

Discreet browsing

Pikdo is a viewer that will be very popular with celebrities. Thanks to it, they can browse Instagram discreetly. For example, a star can use it to know the opinions of Internet users on his person. This allows him to take care of his image.

Similarly, an employer can also use this tool to know the criticisms of his employees about him on the social network. All he has to do is open Pikdo and enter the user’s name to find his post. The application allows them to access its stories, as well as “ Like ” mentions.

Downloading multimedia content

Among the wide range of features offered by Pikdo is the downloading of multimedia content. Indeed, this web player allows subscribers to save published photos and videos in their digital device. Thus, they can view a subscriber’s multimedia files in complete discretion.

View stats and locations

By going through the Pikdo application, it is possible to discover in detail the activities of an Instagram account. It also allows you to know the places of each publication.

View tags and hashtags

The Pikdo Instagram web viewer offers each Internet user the possibility of having as much information as possible about a network subscriber. The reader allows you to know the tags and hashtags made by a person. Access to data relating to tagged persons and hashtags used is also possible.

The qualities of the Pikdo web viewer

Pikdo offers huge benefits to its users in many ways. Its first quality lies in its ability to allow Internet users to use Instagram without having an account. Thus, people who do not find the interest to open an account on Instagram can simply use Pikdo. It’s the same for people who have deleted the social network from their mobile. With Pikdo, everything becomes simple.

Anonymity is another quality that the Pikdo viewer guarantees. People of a discrete nature will greatly appreciate this web player. They can use it to follow Instagram followers and watch their posts. Likewise, Pikdo is perfect for celebrities who don’t want to draw attention to their Instagram activity. This viewer is perfect for public figures who want to browse the social network discreetly.

On the other hand, Pikdo proves to be advantageous for businesses as well. Professionals can use it to conduct market research without being noticed . With features like viewing potential customer profiles, posts, stats, and locations, they can determine a successful communication approach.

Pikdo provides all the information about a target without them realizing it. This reader can also be put at the service of employees and employers. It is also suitable for people who want to boost their Instagram page . Whether the user is a sportsman, artist, professional or individual, Pikdo allows you to improve your strategy to attract more people. By studying all the activities of a brand or a competing company, he can determine what makes it successful and draw inspiration from it.

The other advantage of Pikdo is it’s easy to use interface. This player is very fluid which makes the platform fast. The user just registers Instagram certifications in the application to conduct their business discreetly. Recently, the social network improved this player by making it easier to add interactive hashtags. This allows users to access a page showing all media files with that special hashtag.

How to properly use the Pikdo web viewer?

The Pikdo viewer is very easy to use. The user should log in to the home page and go to the search bar. In the latter, he must enter the following information:

  • the users;
  • the place indicated;
  • statistics;
  • les hashtags;
  • Instagram’s popular content.

This information makes it possible to know the experience of subscribers. Pikdo’s interface remains very fast and provides the requested information with just one click. Likewise, it remains accessible at all times. The user is free to log in with a profile.

People who want to boost their audience on the platform should know some useful tips for proper use. Pikdo represents a powerful tool to improve the image of a brand or a company. It is enough for the latter to choose the right timing and publish quality content on its account.

To develop its page using Pikdo, the brand or the company must devote time to the viewer to know the needs and expectations of Internet users. The other tip is to regularly analyze subscriber activities. The page administrator must for example analyze the most famous pages and see the reasons for their success. Already, Pikdo makes available to its users the visit rate and other information available to users. This strategy will help the page administrator to know the content that interests a large number of subscribers.

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Pikdo Instagram: limits

The Pikdo Instagram web viewer has a few drawbacks. It does not replace an Instagram account. Not all features of a real Instagram account are available there. Indeed, Pikdo users cannot interact with Instagram users. Thus, they can neither post comments, nor like the publications or even share them. Similarly, it is impossible to post content to Instagram from Pikdo. It is also impossible to view private Instagram accounts.

All in all, the Pikdo Instagram web viewer is a very interesting tool. Using Instagram without creating an account has many advantages for individuals and professionals alike. This viewer has a few limitations, but the pros outweigh those cons. Additionally, Pikdo allows Instagram users to log into their profile with their credentials.

What are the alternatives of the Pikdo web viewer?

Instagram web viewer

There are a lot of alternatives to Pikdo. Of those, some are following:


Ingram web viewer shows popular and trending contents on instagram and without any hindrance, allow users to download videos and photos. It also analyzes the content using filters. 


Imgtagram Instagram viewer, like other viewers, provides filtered data for creating tactics.


Izuum Instagram web viewer allows their users to view and download the content including photos, reels and videos.

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