How To Get Free Bitcoin

Free Bitcoin

Ever since the release of the Bitcoin White Paper more than ten years ago, there has been an increasing amount of interest in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the impact on life and the financial system.  Naturally, people get curious about ways to earn free Bitcoins instantly as well.  

There are ways now of course to obtain or earn Bitcoin.  Nothing is stopping anyone from receiving Bitcoin in exchange for their labor, a product, some type of service provided, or from mining the cryptocurrency.  Those are available and possible but perhaps not the easiest way to get your hands of some Bitcoin.  

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to earn free Bitcoin for merely slightly modifying your habits and tools used with everyday behavior and things that you do each and every day without even thinking about it.

The folks at have come up with a way to pay people free Bitcoin simply for walking!  That is not a joke people.  You can earn Bitcoin simply for walking, and it is all powered by the Lightning Network.  The app is available on ios and Android for free.  You can also earn more Bitcoin for other tasks and games such as shopping, taking surveys, playing chess, and other features to arrive in the future.  


BlockFi is an emerging platform where you can earn interest on your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Users can send Bitcoin to BlockFi and in essence post it as collateral and allow BlockFi to use the Bitcoin to generate fees and interest payments on loans backed by Bitcoin.  In exchange for this, BlockFi pays interest on the amount of Bitcoin a user has posted to their account.  

The company is also moving beyond this and offering other things such as the BlockFi credit card.   This is a Visa credit card that pays a cash back reward of 1.5% on all purchases.  The reward is in Bitcoin and a user can automatically let it go to their interest bearing account.  

Those are a few of the ways people can get creative and put in a bit of effort to get their hands on more Bitcoin and crypto.  Enjoy!

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