How to give yourself a fever – 7 safe tricks

Perhaps, every person at least once in his life had a situation when he needed a good reason in order to evade any event or work. Of course, health is a bad joke, but feigning illness in this case is the only way out. There are situations in life when it is very necessary to seem sick. There are many ways to skip a few days of work or school. How to give yourself a fever at home? Forget about pencil leads or sugar and iodine. We will only tell you about the safe methods that really work – no pencil leads, coffee or rubbing. 

1.How to give yourself a fever by doing some exercise

The easiest way to quickly raise your temperature is to jump in place, do squats, or other energy-intensive exercises. As soon as you see drops of sweat, rejoice – the temperature is higher. Sweat signals to us that the body has begun the natural cooling process.

2. Have hot drinks or meals

Hot foods and drinks instantly raise your body temperature even more than exercise. Choose any hot food and drink:

  • coffee
  • tea
  • hot chocolate
  • warm milk with or without honey
  • hot broth
  • soup

You can also eat foods that naturally raise your body temperature. Among them are ginger, cumin, bananas, chocolate and honey. In addition, we do not recommend eating instant coffee with spoons. A large amount of coffee can negatively affect the work of the heart and affect blood pressure. 

3. Wrap yourself in a heat-retaining material

The most popular fabric to get yourself a fever is fleece. Take a fleece robe or blanket and wrap your head up in it. Some recommend wrapping in airtight synthetic materials such as plastic bags or cling film.

4. Put on your hat, scarf and mittens

Put on accessories from the winter collection and pour yourself some hot tea with honey to quickly give yourself a fever. The fact is that a significant amount of heat comes from the head. So the hat will help warm up your head and raise your overall body temperature.

5. Wear many layers of clothing

How to give yourself a fever quickly and safely? The answer is layering. A trendy trick combined with hot food will help increase your body temperature by a few degrees. Put on a shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, light jacket and heavy coat at the same time. One of the layers of clothing can be replaced with thermal underwear. 

6. How to get yourself a fever by using a heating pad

Warm dry compresses and heating pads are a great way to raise your body temperature without harming your health. If you have a heating pad at home, pour water that is not too hot to avoid scalding. Next, wrap yourself in clothes that keep heat, crawl under the covers and take a heating pad. After a few minutes, you will get hot.

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7. Breathe correctly

There are simple breathing exercises that climbers use to warm up quickly. First you need to take four deep breaths, then inhale deeply to gain the maximum volume of air. In this case, you need to strain the press. Next, imagine that you want to compress the air in your lungs. Retain the air for 45 counts. Repeat the exercise up to 5 times. The temperature should rise to 37 degrees.

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