How To Have A Merry Christmas Using The Huawei FreeBuds Pro

Huawei FreeBuds Pro

Christmas is only two weeks away. Have all of your holiday purchases been made? You might want to think about shopping for a fantastic set of TWS wireless earphones if you’re still searching for a gift to offer to your loved ones. Having a trustworthy audio accessory to pair to your laptop or phone devices is important because everyone works and studies remotely. The most recent TWS from Huawei, the FreebudsPro, is one excellent product that we think is one of the greatest TWS on the Philippine market right now. Here are some upcoming events.

Design with balance and style

The FreeBuds Pro boasts a simple geometric design with a glossy finish. Its earphones include an oblong charging case that opens like a clamshell and has a metal hinge & metallic matte finish on the back. The earphones themselves have a shiny finish and a recognizable cubic stem. It has a lightweight body that is easy to use even for extended periods and soft silicone earbuds that snugly fit in all ear shapes. Below the case, the charging case has a USB-C connector and an LED indicator.

Noise cancellation that is improved

The FreeBuds Pro carefully puts its two microphones there at the top and bottom of each earbud as part of its anti-wind noise design to minimize any whistling sound brought on by air friction. Additionally, it contains an inside microphone for crystal-clear audio recording. The FreeBuds Pro, which is excellent for making and receiving calls, also offers a call noise reduction option called Speech Mode that raises the loudness of the human voice while lowering background noise.

The built-in bone speech sensor for crisper calls makes this possible. With the aid of the integrated Dynamic Equalizer Adjustment, the TWS additionally automatically activates several anti-noise cancellation profiles by the circumstance in real-time. Travelers who want to listen to music with significantly improved noise cancellation should utilize Ultra Mode. On the other side, the Cozy Mode lessens the background noise of computers, paper flipping, typing, and sporadic office conversations. Finally, consumers get the option to listen to music in General Mode with less background noise. Through the Awareness Mode, users can reestablish their connection to their environment.

Simple device pairing

The FreeBuds Pro’s 11mm dynamic drivers and Kirin A1 chip enable it to minimize playback delays for audio and video by up to 180 ms when connected to multiple devices. The FreeBuds Pro offers complete signal coverage and easy communication between smartphones, tablets, and PCs because of its Intelligent Dual Antenna. Additionally, it connects up to 2 devices simultaneously and has a frequency range of up to 20 Hz with just a simple opening of the charging cover. It works best when used with other Huawei devices.

Intelligent haptic controls

The FreeBuds Pro has noise-canceling features in addition to having distinctive smart controls. Users can adjust the volume, answer or end conversations, play or pause music, choose the next and previous song, enable active noise cancellation, or activate Awareness Mode by pinching, swiping, or tapping either earbud. Customers may adjust the sound settings, check the battery life, follow the earbuds’ location, check the best earbud tips for their ears, and enable Smart to wear detection, which pauses music playback when you remove one earbud and more by connecting it to the Huawei AI Life App.

long-lasting battery

The FreeBuds Pro delivers a lengthy battery life of up to 8 hours of battery life when the noise-canceling mode is disabled. When used in conjunction with the charging case, it can last up to 36 hours. The FreeBuds Pro may be recharged wirelessly or over wires, giving users more alternatives. Reverse charging is also an option for users’ tablets and cellphones. The FreeBuds Pro can take up to 40 minutes to charge, while the charging case by itself can take up to an hour. When wirelessly charged, customers should wait up to two hours.

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