Five Tips for Feeling Your Best in a Bikini


Whether you are planning a spa weekend with the girls or heading to the beach on vacation, if you know you are going to be wearing a bikini you want to be feeling and looking your best. Plan ahead so you can do all you can to prepare and feel the best version of yourself when it’s time to wear that two piece. With these five tips you can feel a million dollars!

Work Out and Tone Up

We are all aware of the power of exercise and prioritizing your workout schedule in the buildup to wearing a bikini will help you feel at your beautiful best. Aerobic exercise such as running and Zumba have their benefits but strengthening and toning exercises are vital if you want to define your shape. Crunches, sit-ups and squats are all excellent for your core, buttocks and glutes and following a program of exercise in the months leading up to your vacation will not only enhance your body but also your mind. 


Changing your diet can have a big effect on your body shape so consider making changes if you want to feel on top form when wearing your bikini. A balanced diet with plenty of protein and fresh fruit and vegetables will not only help reduce bloating but also improve the condition of your skin. Be sure to start making changes well in advance – the only difference you’ll notice if you starve yourself the day before is that you’re grumpy, tired, and miserable due to lack of nutrients.

Surgery and Treatments

If you have tried the above and are still not happy with the results, you might be considering surgery or treatments. With body wraps claiming to tighten the core muscles and reduce flab, they are a popular treatment at many spas and salons. Other options include tummy tucks and colonic irrigation. Liposuction is very effective and can be a fantastic way to boost your confidence, so may be the solution if your relationship with your body has been tricky for a long period.

Choose the Right Bikini

It may sound obvious, but choose a set that you feel comfortable in. Opt for a set in a color or pattern you love and that makes the most of your figure. Whether you decide on a skimpy thong or larger bottoms to hide stretch marks is up to you, but you won’t feel confident in a bikini if you don’t like it! Don’t be tempted to buy a smaller size with the goal of fitting into it – a poor fitting bikini will not only look unattractive but also be uncomfortable. You don’t want to be spending your me-time fussing with underwiring that’s cutting into your breast tissue or bottoms that roll down and threaten to flash everyone around the pool. A specialist underwear or swimwear shop will help you find the perfect bikini, whatever the occasion.

Own It

If you don’t like your body, it can be hard to show it off in a bikini. However, the body-positivity movement is huge on Instagram and a terrific way to boost your own confidence. Seek out accounts such as Megan Jayne Crabbe (@meganjaynecrabbe) and Stephanie Yeboah (@nerdabouttown) to see women of all shapes and sizes loving their bodies and looking fabulous with it. Own your curves, rock your rolls and love the skin you’re in!

Feeling confident starts with yourself, so recognize your own awesomeness and know that, when the time comes, you and your body will style out that bikini in a way only you can. Go girl!

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