8 ways for how to I tell him I like him

how to I tell him I like him

Three little words that men sometimes have trouble getting out. Because they are shy? Because they don’t know how to say it? Either way, they’ve found their techniques to I tell him I like him

He’s texting you for no reason

“What rotten weather!” “,” I just looked at a hundred gifs of cats, it’s so funny”. A priori, these messages are not of great interest? You’re wrong, here is one of the smartest ways for your boyfriend to tell you that he loves you. The simple fact of thinking of you, of saying to yourself ” Here, I am going to send him a short text … “can be the proof of a very great mark of affection in certain mutic males. Okay, if your guy doesn’t, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. He may prefer the following techniques.

He often practices “eye contact” 

Don’t underestimate the power of the gaze. The “Eye contact” is the best seduction. And proof of love too! If, when you’re in a bar with friends, talking on your own, he gives you loving glances across the room, he’s thinking of you. Understand: “Hey, I’m not next to you, but I care about you and I’m showing it to you by looking at you. “Isn’t that cute?

He listens to you attentively

You can say what you want, but paying attention to what your partner is saying is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. When you tell your day or the stories of the girlfriends, he knows how to look at you and listen to you. It’s his way of telling you that your words mean something to him and that it matters.

It touches you spontaneously

When the two of you are in a public place, does he put his hand on your back? At a restaurant, does he place his hand near yours? At a party, does he caress your shoulder from time to time? This little closeness shows that he wants to keep in touch with you, without it necessarily being sexual.

He tells you that his friends love you

A roundabout way of confessing your feelings to you is to say that your friends love you, adore you, in short, love you. In other words, you don’t have to do Ena to understand that it is about her own feelings. Conversely, if his friends particularly like you, it may also be because your partner talks to them about you constantly, not ignoring his love for you.

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He smiles after a kiss

Attention, little detail to look out for the next time he kisses you. When a man is overwhelmed by his feelings but doesn’t know how to express them, it can show in his face. This is the case with the smile after the kiss. Even light, eyes closed, delicately removing his lips from your mouth, it’s a safe bet that he said to himself “this woman, wow, what do I like him!”

He strongly squeezes your hand

Is there a simpler way to make your partner understand that you love them? Some men say it with their hands. In the street, with friends, at the cinema during a good movie, he squeezes your hand. Oh, not too loud, just enough for you to say to yourself: “Here, he has something to tell me”. And that something he’s trying to tell you is very simple: he loves you. He loves your presence and coaxes your relationship. Think about it!

He wants to do a lot of things with you

The “I like him” does not always come through the voice. Also pay attention to these small daily gestures. Well, that may sound silly, we grant you. But let’s be honest: a man who wants to cook you a nice dinner, who wants to go to the grocery store with you, knows your expectations and your tastes, what do you call that? Love maybe …

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