How to lose weight fast? Our 10 professional tips

How to lose weight fast?

Losing weight sometimes turns into a nightmare for many people. For lack of time, motivation or because of the many temptations, people tend to give up or at least to turn to draconian diets of a few weeks, or even a few days. But the worst part, in this case, is that these diets promote the yoyo effect, that is, you lose weight, but you get fat again after just a few weeks! So that you finally succeed in losing weight and maintaining your slim waist, these 10 professional tips will help you.

1- Set a specific and reasonable goal 

If you are lacking in motivation , it could be because your goal is to get lean overnight, or to lose the maximum weight in record time. In fact the key to success is setting a reasonable and specific goal. ” It is with small victories that we will end up winning the war against our excess weight “! For example, aim for one kilogram per week, or three kilograms per month. You will see that after a few months, you will end up regaining a dream figure!

2- eat healthy

Pay attention to the diet. Obviously, “ it is not enough to dream to lose weight ”. Diet is an important point when it comes to losing weight. But our advice on this subject is simple and clear: avoid draconian diets that make you suffer for nothing! Instead, simply avoid snacking between meals and eat a balanced diet. If you can, include fruits and vegetables in your diet: eat five a day to stay in shape without the risk of gaining weight. And finally, avoid skipping meals, as this will increase the temptation to snack!

3- Swap salt for spices

If salt should be avoided, it is because this food promotes water retention in the body. And yet, when you have more fluid than you need in your body, you keep more pounds than normal. In addition, this health problem can promote bloating and cellulite! To remedy this, let the water out of your body through perspiration , for example by doing sauna sessions. Certain foods also help to cleanse the body, such as celery or parsley. But if you can (and if you have the time), follow a detox diet, it’s even more effective!

4- Drink lots of water

Water is life ! This liquid allows you to hydrate, to make your organs function normally and therefore to find fish. But in addition, it gives a feeling of satiety by calming hunger, facilitates the digestion of food and helps our body to detoxify by eliminating waste through urine or sweat. Ideally, drink two liters of water per day or one liter per hour when you exercise. Our tip: if you don’t like plain water, you can flavor it with herbs or drink it as a tea. On the other hand, avoid fruit juices, because they are too sweet and promote weight gain.

5- cook your own meals

If you want to lose weight, also think about homemade food, it’s better for your health and you can choose what to eat and how much. Anyway, prepared meals, junk food, frozen foods, snacks, fast food … should be avoided when you want to lose weight effectively.

6- move

If you really want to find a beautiful figure, your friends or family members may have already told you: “play sports!” But you have a hard time getting started because you probably think that you have to take time to go to the gym, or else spend money … In fact, all you have to do is is to move a little more: instead of taking a means of transport, go to work by bike or on foot (if it is too far, get off the bus at a stop before arrival), if you are not working, but are still on maternity leave, take your baby to the park for a little walk or play with your children! 

Alternatively, you can also perform small exercises that only take a few minutes a day: twenty push-ups , a minute of plank, thirty squatting, and a little bungee jumping every morning and voila. (this should not take more than an hour in total with the break times).

7- Respect your sleep

To lose weight better, you should also think about getting good rest. It obviously starts with a good night’s sleep . Indeed, ” sleeping allows you to regain your strength to better face the next day ” and to stay in good health. But in addition, sleep is a way for our body to secrete a hormone called leptin which helps us feel full and therefore less prone to snacking. In contrast, ghrelin stimulates the appetite and is secreted when our body weakens and needs more energy to function, which is the case when we lack sleep …

8- Control your emotions

Emotions sometimes lead us to eat more than we need. ” When we are sad or angry, for example, we tend to throw ourselves on food to ease our mind . ” Warning ! To be successful in losing weight, you need to stay positive and know how to control your emotions. To do this, perform breathing exercises that will allow you to relax. Otherwise, take yoga classes , this sport is incredibly effective in relieving stress and regaining some peace and serenity in this world.

 9- change your habits

Bad initiatives should be banned in order to lose weight. If you want to change your body, change your habits: ” sleep well, eat well, move more and hydrate more “. But again, throw away everything that can destroy your body: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, harmful foods like sweets or carbonated drinks. Ultimately, if you want to be successful in losing weight, you will need to seriously consider leading a healthy lifestyle .

10- show tolerance towards yourself

Appearance matters a lot to people who want to lose weight. Therefore, many people who follow strict diets look at the mirror with great sadness. These people give their bodies no respite and sometimes go out of their way to try to change their appearance. You know, knowing how to make peace with yourself is also important . Then you will know exactly what you want for your body. Do not make him suffer, even if it is sometimes said that you have to suffer to be beautiful. On the contrary, listen to him and attend to his needs. Know how to rest when you need to, eat dessert when you really want it, or party with your friends without restriction when the time is right, etc.Why should you go through this stage with so much pain when losing weight is supposed to make you happy?

In short, losing weight is not an impossible project, as long as you have the will to change. In fact, you just have to put in a minimum of effort to reach your goal, because there are no quick fixes!

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