How to become a professional DJ? skills and learning

How to become a professional DJ

Music is a real art, a science that embraces many fields. Disc jockeys are music professionals with great dexterity on the turntables to compose sounds or for various animations. This profession can nurture a great passion among young amateurs.

Many experiments have shown that it does not necessarily take academic and restrictive procedures to get by in this field. However, specific steps must be taken and essential knowledge must be obtained. How then to become a master in this art?

The preliminary knowledge to be a DJ

DJs like all professionals have specific tools and elements essential for their work. Thus, the latter in their various tasks need to master different concepts, rules and measures of music. A DJ to give himself the best chance to succeed and thrive in this field must master the basics of music. This knowledge concerns, among other things, the elementary notions of musk.

However, other more specific knowledge is necessary for the actual practice of the profession of DJ. The basic concepts for professional animations are essential in this field. These include the composition of selections through the creation of playlists (playlists), mixing or even scratching. These different methods are adapted to very specific musical styles and their mastery is acquired only after recurring practice.

Likewise, to get started in the vast universe of Disc-jockeys, it is very useful to master the jargon used there as well as the basic concepts to define . The setting between two pieces in particular makes it possible to synchronize the tempo of two pieces of music. Mastery is acquired only after enough practice. The pitch is a very important function in this area that allows you to change the playback speed with turntables or audio media. Beat mapping, mix or set and musical compilation are also important actions in this area.

The essential equipment to get started

Among DJs more than in most other professions, work equipment occupies a considerable place. Indeed, this material is essential to make music, to compose sounds and to produce the best quality of sound. Thus, several devices have a capital role in the work of Disc jockeys. The main elements for DJs are among others:

  •  The table with two decks or two CD players;
  •  Headphones;
  •  Two-channel headphones

These instruments intervene to ensure the minimum of a DJ function, but they are very quickly limited for additional processing or greater precision. In addition to these basic devices, a disc jockey also needs speakers, MDI controller, audio interface, microphone, and various other accessories.

Music equipment for DJs is made up of items that are generally quite expensive. Likewise, these instruments often exist in different types with specific characteristics. It would be a shame to make a substantial purchase and finally not to be able to use the device to buy. There is a certain difference between DJ tools with the same function, especially for decks and traditional turntables.

So, don’t hesitate to try different devices during your experiments to really identify which ones are more suitable for you. You will then be able to make beneficial purchases in complete safety. Also, you don’t need to have all the hardware capital from the start . You can start by buying the most important things and continue when you have more means.

Your familiarity and skill with DJ equipment gives you clear advantages in your performances. Choosing the right tools and using them properly is therefore very necessary to excel in this field. Thus, some Computer Aided Music (MAO) programs offer great help and facilitate various operations. These include Traktor, Virtual Dj or Serato Scratch which are easy to use and offer great versatility. To finish this part, the choice of your working material must correspond to the style of animation for which you choose.

How to learn?

It takes a lot of work to become a qualified and competent disc jockey, because it takes a lot of successive stages to go through. Having passion and love for this job is a great weapon, but you still have to follow these specific steps. There are three ways to learn which usually result depending on the commitment to learning and the frequency of practice.

The first learning opportunity is self-study . It consists of learning from oneself often through research and often by assisting professional DJs to confront professional realities early enough. For personal learning, it is highly recommended to consult up-to-date materials.

The DJ schools provide a wonderful learning opportunity DJ business. For years now, several states have recognized a DJ Music Producer certificate for professionals. This certificate is only issued in a few schools. These courses are comprehensive and offer great credit upon completion of training.

Finally, mentoring is a safe and effective way to train to become a DJ. This type of training consists in having a mentor, generally a professional DJ, who trains you directly. These different methods of training for the profession of DJ have both advantages and disadvantages. They are especially suited to specific situations.

Define your disc jockey specialization

The job of a DJ generally consists of the conception of musical works and various animations. There is indeed a basic professional training for a DJ, but this field has many branches which are specific to specific fields. Indeed, a DJ can specialize to intervene in specific places or be mixed. Thus a DJ can intervene in nightclubs, at demonstrations for events or in studios. On the other hand, the style of music is a factor of distinction and can define the places of intervention of the DJ.


Thus, it is a good idea to choose a specific style or area of ​​intervention in which to specialize. Being professional and better in a specific field indeed gives you great visibility. The choice of the field or the style to be adopted can be made according to strategic reasons, personal reasons or reasons of convenience.

Essential provisions for being a professional DJ

Although the specialization of a DJ in a field gives him great visibility . The versatile DJs have more openings. This gives the possibility of intervening in several places and of gaining more markets. It is therefore necessary to be versatile while having a main specialty.

 On the other hand, listening to your audience is an important quality that a DJ must have. This listening makes it possible to know the expectations and to offer the right music .

 Likewise, having the right equipment and mastering it is an essential principle to have in order to become a good DJ. To achieve this objective, it is also very useful to devote enough energy to the activity and to create a network around oneself to ensure regular services and increase one’s notoriety.

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