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securing the entrance

According to 2020 statistics, a house is broken into in the United States every 90 seconds. These are fairly high figures that should put any owner of a wealthy home on the alert. To face the threat, therefore, you need the necessary security tools. And in terms of security, it is better to start by strengthening your security from the adjacent alleys. And this is precisely the question that interests us. In the following lines, it will be a question of developing the existing means to secure one’s house and this from the gate. To secure your entrance Door Stopper is also one of the great options. So here are some tips that should help you rout any burglar who intends to visit your home.

The burglar-proof front door: the main defense against burglars

Although this is the most popular method of dealing with burglars, the burglar-proof door remains and remains useful. In fact, many burglars try to get through the front door to enter the house or apartment. If the entrance to your home is equipped with a traditional door, it will take between 2 to 3 minutes for burglars to overcome it. But if, on the other hand, it is a burglar-proof door, that’s a whole different story. These doors are designed to resist attacks, as they are designed with specific armor. The particular structure with which they are machined gives them greater resistance .

A few years ago, these doors were very expensive. But it must be recognized that since then, although their acquisition cost remains in the high average, burglar-proof doors are much more accessible and now offered by many suppliers. The burglar-resistant door is suitable for apartments as well as single-family homes. The only downside is that to ask it, you must have the intervention of professionals. No DIY tutorial is detailed enough to allow you to install a burglar-proof front door yourself.

The burglar-proof lock

Having a burglar-proof front door is already a major advantage. As long as your home is completely secure, it is important to also have burglar-proof locks. These types of locks are designed to withstand mismatched key sets or pickings. Given its very advanced configuration, the burglar-proof lock cannot be used by burglars’ tools. Such a safe arrangement is recommended especially for houses in the suburbs or whose neighborhood is far away.

Just like the burglar-proof door, the burglar-proof lock offers a formidable barrier against any form of intrusion. Followed by a solid panel and a suitable angle iron, the burglar-proof lock makes fraudulent entry almost impossible. It is resistant to breakage, picking or even drilling. In addition, having a burglar-resistant lock is a sine qua non for being insured by an insurance company.

Burglar, Burglary, Surveillance CameraThe alarm system

In addition to having a door and a burglar-proof lock, you will have to think about providing the apartment or house with an effective alarm system. The device also reduces the risk of burglary. There are several models more or less accessible on the market. This device is:

Easy to install;

Triggers when an anomaly is detected.

Nowadays, alarm systems have evolved a lot, which makes them easier to handle. They can be handled as well by an average person as by a better informed person. The most recent models use wireless technology to operate, which is very convenient since the installation does not require anyone to touch the structure of the walls.  

It should also be noted that the alarm system has the advantage of being flexible. It can evolve and adapt to new needs, taking into account the size of the surface to be covered. This solution is also more economical than many monitoring tools requiring more resources. How many owners of single-family homes, apartments and even business premises are trying it out.

The surveillance camera

It can be installed inside the home. But the best is to have it installed outside the house in order to be warned of a possible intrusion. Thanks to the surveillance camera, you have the possibility to see everything that is happening outside the apartment. In other words, all the events that occur are recorded in real time and the images are transferred in case of detection of suspicious movement. Placing a surveillance camera outside his home also has a deterrent effect.

In the trade, there are a good number of them with each their specificities. Some work wirelessly and others are equipped with motion detector with automatic owner callback function. It is also possible to get this type of wireless videophone . Available in several formats, it can be installed at the entrance to the house. This type of videophone, associated with its mounting box, is easy to install, whatever the structure of the doorman. It also does not prevent people from being seen in front of the camera clearly.

The secure window

For residences that have a window opening onto a street or an exterior driveway, it will be better to make it more secure. Indeed, a persevering burglar will want to go through another entrance if, despite all his efforts, the main one does not give way. This is why it is important to further secure all the entrances that could constitute access to any intruder.

The most ideal solution for this is the unbreakable window. This window model is designed to resist even the most aggressive intrusion attempts. It meets the same characteristics as an anti-intrusion door and at the same time reduces the light inside. It is therefore the perfect type of window to keep the privacy of a neighborhood that is a little too curious a little secret.

When it comes to security, you won’t have to focus on windows and doors alone. It will also be necessary to list all the entrances and exits of the house which give to the outside.

For that you need:

  • Check if the frames are well fixed;
  • Check if the doors close properly;
  • It Has a thick metal frame made to further secure the door and minimize the risk of forcing through the use of crowbars.
  • Outdoor lighting: a major asset
  • Having the best outdoor lighting can make anyone outside the house feel like there is someone at home. This trick has first of all a deterrent effect. It is also a means that prevents having gray areas. Therefore, intruders cannot hide in poorly lit places.

Another solution for outdoor lighting is the installation of an automatic trigger device. In other words, if motion is detected by the detector, the exterior light turns on automatically and bares any intrusion attempt. It is moreover the solution which is the most practiced in the installation of the devices of detection of movement at the house as in the companies.

Connected lighting

With the evolution of home automation in recent years, several lighting systems are connected and it is now possible to remotely turn on many things. These could be lamps, shutters or even the surveillance camera . It is therefore another solution to turn on the exterior lights from another place. Some alarm triggering systems integrate both exterior lighting and activation of the surveillance camera. It is a very good option for private residences.

Other tips for securing your exterior

Beyond the various installations to secure the exterior of your home, there are tricks to adopt that will keep possible burglars at bay.

These are mainly:

The garden: the main technique of burglars consists in detecting easily accessible houses, that is to say houses empty of their occupants. And an unmaintained garden is real proof of the absence of the owners. It is best to involve a neighbor or a close relative to weed from time to time, just to give the impression of a presence.

Tidying up: during a prolonged absence, it is also advisable to bring inside all the garden or terrace furniture that could serve as a base for climbing.

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