How to make him miss you?

How to make him miss you

Sometimes in a relationship, people become so close that the spark of passion between them begins to fade. The best way to rekindle that spark is to make him bored so he can remember why he fell in love with you. Sometimes a relationship ends earlier than it should. But you can make your ex-boyfriend feel bored and remember how good it was when your relationship was having its best times. To make him miss you regardless of certain events, take a little distance, provide him with personal space, control communication and try from time to time to make subtle hints and “reminders” like familiar scent, “accidentally” forgetting things that will make him remember you. even when you are not around. Soon enough, the guy will begin to yearn for you and will again desire the passion that was between you.

To find out when trying to make a guy miss you is a good way out of a situation, skip to this point.

Method 1. Stop communicating

1. Stop calling and texting him.

If you endlessly bombard a guy with calls and messages, he won’t even have time to miss you! Take a break and stop constantly calling – wait for him to write or call. As soon as you stop calling and texting him, he will be surprised – it will make him think of you and miss you. 

2. Wait a while before answering his call or message. 

When we like a person, we try to immediately take the chance and answer the calls and messages of that person, because it literally drives us crazy. If you want your guy to miss you, you need to create the moment when he begins to wait for your answer.

  • When a guy calls you, don’t immediately answer or call back – let him leave you a voice message. Wait a few minutes and then call back and say that you didn’t get a chance to answer because you were really very busy.
  • As soon as you receive a message from him, wait 10-15 minutes and only then answer. This way, the guy will have time to think about what you are doing there without him, and he will eagerly await your answer.

3. Post fewer social media posts. 

If you are constantly updating your social media profile and uploading something new, try posting photos and other material a little less often. Social media posts are an easy way to keep in touch with a person, and as such, they are unlikely to ever feel like they miss you terribly. But if you stop constantly posting new posts on your page, your ex-boyfriend will start to get bored trying to find out what is going on in your life.

  • Limit your social media interactions with your ex. If you frequently communicate on social media when you are not together, try stopping this form of communication for a while. The guy will want to connect with you and hopefully take the first step towards you when he gets bored.

4. End the conversation first. 

Try to end your phone conversation or correspondence before he does, especially if you’re usually the last to say goodbye. But if you manage to end the conversation first, you will make him want to continue the conversation, and he will also think about you until you connect again. This desire to lead your communication to something more will literally drive him crazy, he will dream of talking to you again.

Method 2. Take a more subtle approach

1. Find a special delicate scent. 

Smother this perfume every time you are around a guy. Soon, he will begin to associate this smell with you, and this will give him another reason to miss you. When you and your boyfriend are not together, he will miss your scent and wait to smell it again.

  • Do not overdo it with perfume, otherwise you can alienate the guy with a strong scent. Apply very little so that the scent is only felt when the person comes very close to you.
  • To achieve the desired effect, you need to use the same perfume when you hang out with your boyfriend.
  • It also works when you want your ex to miss you. If you later appear somewhere with the same scent of perfume that you wore before, it will instantly associate this scent with the time when you were together.

2. Be mysterious and amazing. 

If, when meeting a guy for the first time, you immediately seem simple to him, like an open book, he will have nothing to be surprised at. Therefore, every time you meet, try to tell something interesting about yourself. This will make the guy want to get to know you even better, and he will look forward to what new he learns about you next time. Be spontaneous. If you and your boyfriend usually have dinner together on dates, this time suggest that he go on an adventure, such as going to a climbing wall. Such spontaneity and unusualness will surprise and charm him, and he will wonder what interest you will want next time.

3. Leave your things little by little in his apartment or car. 

If you “accidentally forget” some of your things at the guy’s house or in the car, it (the thing) will constantly remind him of you. Thanks to this reminder, he will start thinking about you and miss the time when you were together. Small personal items that you don’t use every day are best suited for this idea. For example:

  • comb;
  • decorations;
  • cosmetics;
  • pen or notebook;
  • a small photo.

4. Make him want more. 

Every time you go on a date with a guy, you need to do something so that he wants more. More kissing, more laughter, more fun, more talking – he should want to spend even more time with you. This can be accomplished by taking your time and setting a clear time frame by limiting your dates.

  • Don’t have long conversations – say that you need to be home at a certain time.
  • At the end of the evening, give him one short sweet kiss to make him want more kisses.
  • Control yourself when it comes to your personal time. You will most likely want to spend as much time with him as possible, but if you leave early (as planned), you will make him bored and wait for the next meeting.

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Method 3. Be independent

1. Maintain your distance. 

The guy just won’t have time to miss you if you are always there. A great way to make him miss you is to create a little distance. If you usually spend every minute of your weekend with him, start making time for yourself. For example, spend Friday night at home or with friends instead of running out on a date with your boyfriend. He’s likely to like this idea of ​​spending time apart at first, but if you do it regularly, he will get terribly bored.

2. Meet up with friends and let him know about it. 

Instead of dating, start spending your evenings with friends, and then remember to tell your boyfriend how much fun you had. Most likely, he will be happy for you, but at the same time he will feel a little envy and jealousy that you are having such a good time without him. If you spend a couple of weekends with friends, the guy will soon start to miss your fun nights out with him.

  • This trick also works great with ex-partners. If your ex sees that you are having a good time and are enjoying life without him, he will begin to miss the time when he was a part of your life.

3. Social media can be used to highlight the point that you are independent and enjoying a fun time. 

Start posting photos and updating statuses to show how much fun and fun is going on in your life. This trick works great if you want to make your ex-boyfriend feel bored. Show that you can quite enjoy life without him, and your ex will just beg you to meet, because he will miss you terribly.

  • Even on social media, always be yourself. Just emphasize the fact that you are having fun with your friends and taking part in various interesting activities.

4. Do some pretty makeup before meeting your boyfriend. 

Pamper yourself with a new hairstyle or new clothes to look and feel amazing. Dress up and go on a date with your boyfriend. He will be surprised at your new look and want to see you even more often!

  • If you want to make your ex-boyfriend miss you, show up in a chic new outfit somewhere that he too will be. Walk by, be irresistible and confident more than ever! Chances are, your ex-boyfriend will regret not being with you now and will start to miss the days when he was a part of your life.

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Method 4. When should you try it?

1. Make the guy miss you so he can see how special you are. 

Flirt with him: dress up, don’t forget about perfume with a sweet scent, show him that you have a rich and interesting life, and so on. Thus, he will understand that you are interested and interested in him. There is nothing wrong with overplaying a little from time to time to get his attention, but don’t get too carried away!

2. As soon as you are ready for more – move on to direct communication. 

Making him bored can spark a spark, but over time he will get bored if you drag on for too long, slowly replying to his messages and not agreeing to dates for a long time. He can also figure out your plan to make him bored if you talk too often and in detail about how good and fun you are without him. So instead of coming up with new ways to make him bored, tell him how you really feel.

3. Don’t try to make the guy bored just to manipulate him. 

Your desire to make your ex-boyfriend bored after breaking up is understandable and understandable, especially if it was his decision to end the relationship. But if you focus too much on making the guy bored, chances are it will end in unpleasant consequences. After all, instead of moving on, you will be too fixated on what he thinks of you. Therefore, take a break for yourself and for him – do not try to manipulate the guy after breaking up.


  • It will most likely take a while for the guy to start missing you. Don’t be surprised if these methods don’t work the next day. Most guys usually enjoy freedom and personal time first, and only then (a few days later) sometimes start to miss their ex. Keep in mind that this does not always happen!
  • To keep the guy thinking of you, combine subtle innuendo and flirting with other methods. For example, when you are next to him, you can lightly spray a little perfume on yourself or gently and, as if casually, run your hands through his hair when you say goodbye.
  • Be confident in yourself. Separating or, conversely, meeting with your ex-boyfriend after breaking up should be accompanied by your confident appearance – this is the only way you can show that you are independent and happy.
  • Make him jealous! When he is somewhere nearby, you can casually walk up to another guy and discuss something with him, as if your ex is not there at all.


  • Relationships are not the same, and the same goes for guys. Some of the above can be upsetting, so be mindful of his feelings. Your goal is to rekindle a spark in the relationship to make him miss you, but don’t play with his feelings.
  • If you’re trying to make your ex-boyfriend miss you, the first step is to make sure he still wants to be with you. This tactic works best under the condition that your breakup was a common decision. But, if it was a painful and very conflicting breakup, it would be better to take a break and take time for yourself, rather than trying to reconnect.
  • If you’re trying to maintain distance in a relationship, but your guy doesn’t start to miss you, it may be worth talking to him to evaluate your relationship. Start communicating with him again and find out how he felt when you were slightly distanced.

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