How to surprise girlfriend? Things to know

How to surprise girlfriend

It can be easy for a couple to find themselves so wrapped up in their daily lives that they forget to say “I love you” to each other. If you feel like this hasn’t been your strong suit lately, try planning a surprise for your partner. There are good old fashioned ways, but maybe you should go for something more specific to your relationship. Most women like to receive flowers and chocolates, but they are not really personal gifts. Add something to surprise your girlfriend and show her how you feel for her. You might even stop for a moment and pull her aside to tell her that you love her.

Part 1. Tell her you love her

1. Write her a love letter 

Even though emails and texts are very convenient, handwritten love letters are much more sentimental. It will allow you to express a feeling of endless romance and show her that you have thought about it a lot. If you don’t feel comfortable saying these things to her in person, surprise your girlfriend will really appreciate your writing them to her. If you wear a certain perfume, you might want to put some on the letter before sending it to her.

  • You can also give him the letter directly the next time you go out.

2. Tell her you want to help her relax 

Plan an entire day where all you will do is comfort and pamper her. Prepare a meal for her, take care of the household chores, and give her a massage or bubble bath. You can do this on a weekend or even during the week. It might be all the nicer to dedicate a day of the week to her if you know she’s been stressed out from her job lately. She is sure to enjoy a massage after a long day at work.

3. Dedicate a song to him on the radio

Not everyone appreciates this kind of surprise, but there are several ways to get their attention. If she likes to be the center of attention at important events or wants to throw a grand birthday party every year, she is probably going to love hearing her name on the radio. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like hearing her name in public places, she probably won’t like the gesture.

  • Most commercial radio stations don’t play songs on demand, but you can always try.
  • You can also try calling local radio stations. You are more likely to get a positive response.

Part 2. Choose a romantic gift

1. Try the cliches

The box of chocolate, soft toys, jewelry, roses or a bouquet of her favorite flowers are classic romantic gifts. However, you shouldn’t buy anything at random, choose something that she’s going to like. For example, only give her flowers if you’ve noticed that she likes flowers. You should also consider whether you have often given her flowers, because you will not get the same effect if you give her 3 bunches of flowers per week. Or, if you want the gift to truly be personal, head down to a nearby jewelry store and buy your girlfriend a gold or silver bracelet that will remind her of you every time she wears it.

  • A small gift might not be enough to heal a hurt relationship. If you need a big surprise, try giving her one of these gifts with a date or a special outing.

2. Think of something more personal 

Give him a gift related to his interests. Give her a book written by her favorite author, her favorite band’s latest album, or tickets to a play she’s dying to see. These gifts show your girlfriend that you know her well enough to know what she likes. They also indicate that you have thought about it for a while instead of quickly buying a classic romantic gift.

3. Prepare him a CD 

It is a very nice gift if your girlfriend spends time in public transport and listens to music during that time. Burn songs to a CD that mean something to your relationship or remind you of your girlfriend. You can also choose songs that appeal to him. If she likes romantic gestures, you can even include a personal message at the start of the CD.

4. Hire a dog 

If your girlfriend loves dogs, but you can’t have one in your apartment, this is a great surprise. Tell him, for example, that you want to go for a walk on Sunday morning. If she agrees, find a dog for hire on a website or app from companies that hire dogs for walks. When she sees you with the dog you are going for a walk during the day, she will surely be pleasantly surprised.

  • Make sure the steps to pick up and return the dog don’t get in the way of the rest of your plans. If you had thought of going for a walk for a shorter period of time, then the dog could become a cumbersome guest.

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Part 3. Prepare a surprise meal

1. Become a chef 

There are very few gestures more romantic than a meal prepared at home, especially if she is the one who usually cooks the food. If you are confident in your cooking skills, be extravagant. If not, don’t feel the need to completely change who you are. You can prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. The meal doesn’t have to be fancy, but you should put in some effort nonetheless.

  • If you’re feeling nervous about cooking on your own, surprise her by offering to cook together. You will be able to spend some time having fun and this gesture will seem romantic to her.
  • Clean the table, put some pretty cutlery and light some candles. This will show her that you’re not just taking the drudgery off of preparing the meal for her, but want to make it a special occasion as well.
  • If you have roommates, find a party where they’ll be away for at least an hour or two to give your meal some privacy.

2. Surprise your girlfriend her at lunch 

Meet at his workplace during lunch break with a meal you bought at his favorite restaurant. You can also make homemade sandwiches, wraps or salads. If you can’t go see her at work, you can just pack a weekend picnic and take her to a park.

  • Pay attention to his schedule. If she’s usually free during lunch, but she’s having meetings all week at that time, you’re going to have to postpone it. You are not going to make a good impression by showing up at her desk and taking her out for 15 minutes just before an important presentation that she has been telling you about for weeks.

3. Take her to dinner somewhere nice 

The restaurant you choose may be a new restaurant with good reviews, but it can also be your favorite restaurant that you’ve been frequenting less often than usual lately. Plus, if you’re picking a new restaurant, pick one that your girlfriend has talked about or at least that serves a type of food that your girlfriend likes. You choose whether or not to tell him where you are going. Some people like surprises, some don’t.

4. Share a box of chocolate 

If you don’t feel the need for a disproportionately romantic gesture, you can simply share a box of chocolates. Go to a chocolatier together and choose chocolates together. Leave them on the kitchen table and enjoy them for the next few weeks. You will create a stronger bond between the two of you by discussing your favorite flavors and sharing chocolates.

Part 4. Do activities together

1. Develop an exit 

Do something she enjoys doing, especially if it’s something she doesn’t do often. For example, you could take your girlfriend to spend a day shopping. If that’s not something she likes, take her to a concert or play that she will like, try a museum, arboretum, zoo, or botanical garden. Try to do something that she talks about a lot, but never had time to do.

  • For example, if the two of you wanted to go to an art show, find a time in your schedule when the two of you could be free. Tell her that you have taken some time off and that you want to go see the exhibit if she has time off as well. If you are right, she should be delighted with your idea 

2. Remember the hobbies you share 

You may go out in a special place, but you should also remember that it is important to do “normal” things with her. For example, if you go out for a run together, make sure you’ve been doing it lately. Surprises are good, but they’re no substitute for regular relationship maintenance. It shows her that you can keep your relationship stable for the long haul. You want to show her that she can love you everyday, not just on special occasions.

  • If you used to go out one night a week to see a movie or play games, reinstate those traditions. Tell her you want to have your movie night back and suggest different movies for her to choose one. This will allow her to get involved in this activity and show her that you care about her preferences. In addition, by offering her a limited number of options, you show her that you are not letting her decide the evening on her own.

3. Prepare a photo album

An album filled with photos of you and her together ensures that you will touch her to the heart. The easiest thing to do is give her a scrapbook full of photos that trace the development of your relationship. If you want to add a little more depth to it, you can also prepare a scrapbook that contains photos and little notes about how you feel for her.

  • You can also prepare a collage album by adding, for example, concert tickets and food labels that have some sentimental meaning to both of you.

4. Host a meeting

There are two ways to do this: throw a surprise party or let her help you organize it. Judge her reactions when she becomes the center of interest to know if she will appreciate this gesture. Otherwise, you can just invite her friends or family members. If you want to surprise her, ask them to come before your girlfriend arrives.

5. Find out about your next vacation together

If there’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit, within reason, do your research. Obtain brochures and inquire about the cost of the chosen destination. Find a way to fit it into the budget and show surprise to your girlfriend that you think you’ve found a way to give her the vacation of her dreams. Make sure it’s somewhere you both want to go, not just you


  • Think carefully about your surprise and ask yourself if your girlfriend will appreciate it. Surveys indicate that in fact many women do not like romantic surprises of any kind. The best way to remind her how much you love her in this kind of situation is to simply tell her

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