How To Set Alarm For 20 Minutes On Android

Set Alarm For 20 Minutes

All Android smartphones can of course be used … as an alarm clock! To learn how to set alarm for 20 minutes on Android and make sure you get up on time, follow our guide for beginners.

Smartphones can be useful for everything from the most complex tasks… to the simplest of everyday life. If you are new to your Android phone, you might not be aware that you can use it as a simple alarm clock.

This tutorial was done on a Huawei smartphone. However, the procedure is the same on all phones: only a few names can change on your device.


To manually set an alarm clock, simply navigate to your list of applications and choose “Clock”. As you can see, you have several choices in front of you: Alarm, Clock, Stopwatch and Timer. Choose Alarm.

This is where you can create and manage your upcoming alarm clocks and alarms. You can create several, and even schedule them to ring on specific days of the week. Press “+”.

To set alarm for 20 minutes by just dragging the hours and minutes up or down to set the time you target. Then, several customization choices are available to you. The first, repetition, allows you to define during which days this alarm is activated, for example allowing you to sound it only from Monday to Friday.

The second choice, Sound, allows you by clicking on it to set your alarm ringtone. By default, your phone offers several basic ones. You can also choose music contained in the memory of your smartphone, by pressing “Music” at the top.

Finally, the last choice, Label, allows you to give your alarm a little nickname in order to remind you of their usefulness and quickly know what it corresponds to. This wording is often displayed when the alarm goes off, so it can be a good way to refresh your memory on the spot.


With the advent of personal assistants, you can also program your alarm… by voice. On most Android phones, you have access to Google Assistant which activates by saying “OK Google“. Other assistants, like Bixby on Samsung-branded devices, have the same capability.

To program an alarm clock, you just have to ask! “Set alarm for 20 minutes” works just as much as “Wake me up at 20 minutes”. To manage the alarms created in this way, you just have to go back to the application seen in the first point.

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To delete an alarm, simply press and hold on the one you want to remove. You will arrive on a list of created alarm clocks so that you can delete as many as you want.

All you have to do is click on the small cross in front of the alarm you want to delete, then at the top right to validate your modification. There you go!


Note that you can also adjust the behavior of the alarm in a finer way. To do this, go to the application settings by pressing the icon at the top right of the home page.

In this menu you will have the possibility to adjust several things. The first choice allows you to set whether the alarm sounds even when your phone is silent. If you like your smartphone not to vibrate at night, but are afraid that your alarm clock will slip away, this is some reassurance! Note that some phones are able, once turned off, to turn on again to sound an alarm: it is also in these options that you can check the availability of such a feature.

“Ring time” allows you to define the time that your alarm will sound by itself if no one turns it off. By default, for example, set alarm for 20 minutes. Finally, “Set the snooze alarms” allows you to define the waiting time when instead of silencing your alarm, you push it back (the famous Snooze button on old clock radios).


Let’s recap the steps to follow to be able to create your alarm or alarm clock on Android.


  • Open the Clock app
  • Press +
  • Set the desired time
  • Choose your alarm ringtone
  • Edit the label to display a message


  • Open the Clock app
  • Tap and hold on an already created alarm
  • Tap the delete icon
  • Validate the modifications

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