How To Make Yourself Throw Up Easily?

How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Most people in this world can’t even stand with the idea of throwing things as according to them, throwing up acts is too disgusting and sickening. You are right about the statement that how to make yourself throw up easily when you just got food poisoning or indigestion

According to researchers, our body gets a signal whenever there is something wrong with our stomach. The best example of this underlying thesis is nausea which is a biological natural defense mechanism for the body. 

Throwing up acts

It is very helpful in the sense that throwing up and vomiting can help to get rid of any harmful or toxic substances from your body. However, in case the patient doesn’t feel like throwing up, then the person should consult a doctor soon. A few people are still unaware and curious about it and search how to make yourself throw up. 

Why and when throwing up should be done?

It is recommended that you should throw up only when you’re instructed by your doctor. Throwing up should not be done in a healthy state, still if done, then it is called forceful vomiting. Therefore, you should make yourself throw up easily and naturally.

Benefits of throwing up

Some of the advantages of throwing up are

  1. It can help to relieve the stomach from food poisoning, alcohol consumption, or indigestion
  2. It can also be helpful in weight loss 
  3. To get rid of excess calories after bingeing

Disadvantages of throwing up

Forceful vomiting and throwing up can lead to various health problems. Like, for example, 

  1. Without a doctor’s recommendation and supervision, when anyone tries to lose weight by throwing up, then it can lead to dangerous problems that can threaten life
  2. The person’s psychological state may be disturbed
  3. Excess of throwing up can lead to lack of vitamins from the body
  4. If used with other bad intentions, weight may be gained instead of losing

Top Ways How to Make Yourself Throw Up

Although there are several ways for it, for each one of them, a doctor’s approval is very necessary to make yourself throw up easily and safely. Some of the easiest and fastest methods on how to make yourself throw up are as follows:

  1. How to Make Yourself Throw Up with Your Finger

Using fingers for throwing up might sound gross as pushing your finger down to your throat will trigger vomiting. First of all, a person should ensure that his/her finger reaches the back of the tongue.

As a response to your finger touch, your body will notice and cause a gag reflex. This will irritate you and prompt you to vomit.

  1. Think about Vomiting

It may be an effective method for some people but totally ineffective for some others. Think about vomiting and all the disgusting things you can imagine, the smell that irritates you, the sound that disgusts you.

Your mind will force you to throw up as such all acts and thoughts will make your body react with a gag.

  1. How to Make Yourself Throw Up with Salt Water

The person having the intention to throw up should mix a teaspoon or two of salt into a glass of water. Then, drink this solution in one go. Around half an hour past this, you will feel nauseous as salt contains sodium.

This saltwater will cause a shift in the natural electrolyte balance of your body if you are using it more than you usually do.

  1. Use baking soda

This technique includes mixing baking soda with a glass of water and drink it in one go. It is well known for inducing the vomiting process. When someone drinks too much sodium bicarbonate, he will feel nauseous and vomit as a result. 

  1. How to Make Yourself Throw Up without Fingers

Without fingers, it is much easier by drinking Coca-Cola that has run out of its bubbles. You are recommended to drink it every hour. That will ultimately make you sick and cause you to vomit. Drinking mineral water should be done as a follow-up to trigger vomiting.

  1. Bloodroot herb

Using a bloodroot herb by mixing some powder of it in a glass of water. Consume it promptly, it will cause you to throw up immediately. It is also popular as a traditional cure for various health issues as it includes a high dose of toxic chemicals as well so be aware and consult your doctor before using it.

  1. How to Make Yourself Throw Up with a Toothbrush

Same as the finger method, this strategy may work better if you don’t like the idea of sticking your finger down to your throat. The person should try rubbing the toothbrush against the back of your tongue as this will prompt you to vomit immediately.

Things to do after throwing up

After the throwing up process is done, it’s recommended to

  • take a hot shower
  • blow your nose in order to remove any vomit residue
  • to get rid of bad breath, wash your mouth from inside and drink enough water

Stepwise procedure

A stepwise detailed procedure that what to do after you make yourself throw up easily. 

  1. Drink Water

After throwing up, a person may feel dehydration issues so the best way to rehydrate the body is by drinking water. Instead of gulping too much water instantly, it is recommended to drink only a small quantity of water slowly.

  1. Clean Your Mouth

The mouth should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent tooth erosion due to the harsh acids from your stomach. Brushing teeth are not recommended however, you are allowed to do so when it has passed 30 minutes after you vomit to avoid tooth enamel erosion.

  1. Drink Lemon Water or Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea or lemon water can help to get rid of the bad breath and also when you want to get a sweet taste. Moreover, drinking ginger tea is believed to bring a calm feeling to your stomach and also improves digestion and prevents digestive issues.

  1. Don’t Overeat

Immediately after throwing up, you will likely feel hungry but you are allowed to eat in a certain amount. The patient should start by eating bland foods such as rice water, bananas, puddings, yogurt, soups, and many more

  1. Take Much Rest

The best way to recover from this is to get much-needed rest instead of taking medicines. You should get enough sleep and avoid overthinking because it can disrupt your psychology. Also, avoid heavy workloads.

What will happen if you make yourself throw up?

Throwing up might seem like the fastest way to get rid of excess fats and calories. However, if it is done so frequently, the cycle of bingeing and throwing up takes a toll on your body eventually. A few problems arising from inducing vomiting are

  1. Electrolyte Abnormalities

Regular throw-ups from the body can cause blood issues which further can lead to weakness, fatigue, irregular heart functions, or heart attacks. After this, internal organs do not get the right amount of fluids, and the condition can be fatal

  1. Acid Reflux

Vomiting can cause stomach acid to come to the throat. As the throat cannot handle strong acid, the person will experience heartburn and corrosion. Over time, the collected acid in the throat can also cause throat cancer.

  1. Tooth Decay

The afterward acid may cause tooth decay in the mouth which may later result in tooth loss. This is especially the case if you brush them immediately after throwing up. It is therefore advised to rinse your mouth with plain water and wait for one hour.

  1. Tearing of the Esophagus

Forceful acts like vomiting put a lot of pressure on your throat lining that may even cause tears to come out from your eyes. One may also suffer from Mallory-Weiss syndrome as the tears become more severe. Tears are heavy if the vomit includes blood while throwing up.

  1. Loose Gastroesophageal Sphincter

After you make yourself throw up easily, burping and coughing can cause involuntary vomiting. The muscles that prevent you from vomiting may become loose with the passage of time causing health issues.

  1. Enlargement of the Parotid Glands

The acid present in the vomit may overstimulate your salivary glands. Over time, these glands become swollen and painful to touch. It causes great discomfort with your ability to swallow and chew

  1. Constipation

Vomiting and knowing that how to make yourself throw up slows down the movement in your intestines, which causes discomfort and bloating. Moreover, after emitting most of the food you eat, you may not have enough energy.

  1. Redness Signs

Throwing up can cause redness on the knuckles, swelling, and calluses. Forceful vomiting can cause long-term effects because of rubbing your incisors each time you induce vomiting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will Inducing Vomiting Help Nausea?

Many people want to induce vomiting to relieve nausea. Whether the origin is an illness or alcohol like a drug, throwing up proves a natural defense of the body against germs, poisons, etc.

Q: Does Drinking Warm Salt Water Make Yourself Throw Up Easily?

More drinking of saltwater can create problems, so avoid its overuse. However, it is the most feasible way when you don’t know how to make yourself throw up with your finger.

Q: How Do You Throw Up When You Feel Nauseous?

Avoiding foods that are difficult to digest is the best way to deal with such situations. In such a case, the specified person should try eating fresh and cold meals.


All the above-mentioned tactics and techniques can help you guide yourself about how to make yourself throw up easily. These are all simple and easy to use, and you will get your desired results to come out in just a couple of seconds and minutes.

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