How To Match Your Detached Garage To Your House

When there is a need for more space, renting a storage space might be the best option. But it may not always be easy to drive there when needed. This is the problem detached garages come to solve.

A detached garage is a standalone structure that is more than a large storage room. It often looks like it is not a part of the house. It is usually the outcome of architectural failure. It ruins the house’s aesthetic when it does not fit the style of the house. 

The first step to designing a detached garage is recognizing your need to function as a workspace or a car park. Thanks to its separation from the house, the detached garage serves as a noise buffer for power-tool activities. 

When a detached garage looks like an architectural mistake rather than an aesthetic, it becomes an eyesore and ruins the property value. Since the purpose of having garages is to enjoy a space with a purposeful design, this article will enlighten you on how to ensure your detached garages look like the perfect match for your home. 

How To Match Your Detached Garage To Your House

To build a detached garage that matches your house is more straightforward than rebuilding an already built garage. Be well informed on matching your detached garage with your home to avoid mistakes.

There are different designs of garage ranging from the hip roof garage to gable garage or reverse gable garage. The most important thing is matching the color, aesthetic, and every little detail with your house.

Here are tips on how to match your detached garage to your house:
Take Your Structural Layout Into Consideration

The structural layout of your garage is another factor to consider in restructuring your garage. An already built garage would likely pose more problems than the one that is yet to be completed. But can be restructured with massive renovation.

Be consistent in the design of your detached garage. Ensure it reflects the already built architectural features. Do not deflect from a castle-like house to a classic farmhouse style. Make your initial design reflect all the features it had.

Make a matching angle and line with those present in your house. The similarity between the ones in your house and garage will go a long way to guarantee an ideal match.   

2. Make Your Siding Match

Irrespective of the material used – wood, brick, cement, concrete, wood, glass, or vinyl, your house siding remains one of the conspicuous features. It is always in the spotlight! An unmatching siding will make a mess if the features and function of the house are different from that of the garage. Thus, it is essential to make your siding match.

To further explain, if your house were built with wood siding, you would want to match the wood siding with that of your detached garage. Hence, the color and pattern become significant factors.

Your colors have to match so you don’t end up with an odd-looking design. Hiring an experienced mason will also help achieve a matching layout of the walls. This is also applicable to wood siding; you want to ensure that you’re using matching wood for your detached garage. And the same design for your stone siding. 3. Make Your Roofing Match

Your roofing is one of the external features to be considered in matching your house to your detached garage. 

The color and material are two important factors to put into consideration. Use every material on your house roofing for your garage as well. Replace sheet metal with sheet metal and not a different material. 

Even if you used older roofing for your house, you must find the same for your detached garden. It may be challenging, but it will only make your design look right. Apply matching colors to your house and the garage.

4. Make a Matching Landscape

Put in efforts into matching the landscape of your garage and your house. For the most part, this means you’re using the same colors and species of shrubs and flowers as your house for your detached garage.

The overall pattern and layout of the landscape should also be considered. Ensure your garage mirrors every detail in the house. If you have flowers, trees, and shrubs around your home, make sure your garage also reflects it. 

5. Match The Color

This is one of the steps to match your house with your detached garage. Irrespective of the color you use for your home, ensure you use a synonymous color with no iota of difference in your garage.

Use the overall color scheme of your home for your garage. 

6. Make Stylistic and Architectural Plan

The first step in matching your garage to your house is making an architectural plan. Ensure your plan includes matching texture, color, angles, and materials with your home. Be focused on matching every detail and harmonizing your designs. 

7. Choose Great Garage Door

One of the steps includes choosing a great garage door design. It is one of the vital parts of the design procedure. Arranging the materials, windows, and every other design element in your detached garage will go a long way to synchronize your house and garage. 

Implement the building style in your garage. If your house is a steel and glass modern build, ensure you use the same materials for your detached garage. If your house has a local craftsman style with wood accents, you should use the same design elements. Fire Shutters is also a good choice for your garage that make your place safe.


The first step to designing your detached garage is deciding if you’re building a new structure or redesigning an existing one. Think through all the colors, aesthetics, and every other little detail; it will help you achieve the ideal match you desire. And, when you have decided what to go with, consult a professional. Such a step would allow you to get assurance on the choice. In the end, it makes it all easier for a house owner and adds to the aesthetical value.

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