How to protect your garden furniture and patio during the harsh winter months

How to protect your garden furniture

It is now that time of year again when the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop. Leaves turn brown, plants slowly down their growing cycle and people start thinking about how they want to protect their precious garden furniture during the harsh winter months.

Let’s face it; no one wants to rush out with a coat on their pajamas with  a cup of coffee in hand trying to rescue your beloved patio set from quick sand (underneath all that snow). That is why every home owner with suitable outdoor space needs either decking or garden furniture installed allowing them to spend hours outside enjoying the fresh crisp air.

With waterproofs for garden furniture available at all outlets I t can be difficult knowing where to start looking for the best waterproof patio furniture covers in the UK. There are waterproof garden sofa covers, waterproof garden chair covers and waterproof table covers to name but a few. You can also use garden shed to protect accessories and garden plants.

If you want to avoid spending shivering hours outside retrieving items from beneath foot high snow drifts then take heed of these simple steps on how to protect your decking, deck chairs, wooden garden furniture, metal garden furniture, garden loungers and any other bit of outdoor home decor that you want to keep looking at their best throughout winter.

Here is How to protect your garden furniture and patio during the harsh winter months:

Step 1 – Find waterproof fabric patio furniture covers

This step is probably the simplest step when it comes to protecting your decking or wooden outdoor space during the colder months. All outlets sell waterproof sofa sets for example so shopping around should not be too difficult.

Waterproof patio chair covers are an essential requirement for homes with wooden furniture outside as the moisture in wet weather can cause mould, rottenness and general bad odors if waterproof protection is not provided. Most waterproof outdoor sofa sets have never been used which means that they are waterproof, breathable and durable enough to keep your entire garden furniture safe during the winter months.

Don’t just think about waterproof table covers or waterproof sofa covers, waterproof seat back covers for garden furniture help protect against dust which can often settle on any fabric supported product leaving it looking tatty once the sun comes out again.

Step 2 – Size matters

How many waterproof recliner chairs cushion covers do you need? This is an important question when it comes to waterproof furniture covers in the garden. Buying waterproof patio chair covers in one size fits all is not usually advised. If you have different sized wooden chairs then waterproof sitting chaise covers are likely to be needed in order to keep your decking or garden look smart and tidy during the winter months.

What about waterproof outdoor table covers? When waterproof tablecloths are used on tables that have been installed for some time, foot traffic can cause compression of fabric which does not allow breathability of moisture hence promoting mould growth if waterproof coverings are not provided. So buying suitable waterproof sofa seat cushion covers might be a good plan when it comes to protecting decking surfaces during the harsh winter months.

Step 3 – Keep an eye out for waterproof ventilation

As waterproof fabrics for garden furniture are used they can become less waterproof and more like a wet sponge. Having waterproof sofa seat cushion covers which have breathability built in is something to look out for when purchasing waterproof patio chair covers. If the cushions provided are waterproofed with an inner skin, this can also help promote mould growth if water cannot evaporate during inclement weather.

Step 4 – Prepare the surface of your wooden garden furniture

Whether you buy waterproof table covers or waterproof sofa sets, it is important that the surface of your decking or chairs are free from dust, dirt and grease before installing waterproof fabric patio furniture covers . Little details like cleaning up oil spots before using any waterproof outdoor products will save you a lot of time and effort when waterproofing outdoor furniture.

Step 5 – Clean the waterproof fabric patio furniture covers

Once waterproof recliner chair cushion covers have been installed, they should be cleaned at least once every other month to maintain waterproof capabilities and general cleanliness. Using a mild detergent and water solution is advised as strong chemicals can cause damage to waterproof fabrics which means that waterproof patio chair sets or waterproof sofa sets may not last as long as expected if any harsh chemicals are used on them. 


Waterproof garden furniture covers are great for waterproofing outdoor wooden furniture. They can be easily installed and most waterproof fabric patio furniture covers have never been used before so they are waterproof, breathable and durable enough to last through winter months.

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